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  1. Trouble on the Tracks A Wild West Creation " Bill Murs and the suspicious doctor decided to finally exact their revenge on the tying up his wife on the train tracks. But their plan was interrupted..." Trouble on the Tracks by Sabarrus, on Flickr As usual, Comments are greatly appreciated, Thanks for viewing! Checkout my Flickr Photostream for more!
  2. The Prince and the Wizard The Prince and the Wizard by Sabarrus, on Flickr "Cause if a Dragon was John Hurt, who wouldn't ask him for advice?" Thanks for taking a look, and be sure to check out "The Spaceman and the Dwarf another build at this scale!
  3. The Spaceman and the Dwarf by Sabarrus, on Flickr "Taking the internet by storm..." Comments are highly appreciated , Thanks for viewing! Check out my Flickr Photostream for more creations.
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    [MOC] The Spaceman and the Dwarf

    Thanks for the comment Tanma! Yeah that right there is Jock's sword!
  5. The Frigid Border A Castle Creation "The Kingdom of Arrabas is far reaching. Within it's realm lie mountains, deserts, and forests. In the South, the Hur'Gath mountain range acts as a border. It's cold climates lead to snow fall and ice. And the constant attacks from Southern raiders keep any guard praying for some warmth." The Frigid Border by Sabarrus, on Flickr Comments are greatly appreciated. Check out My Flickr Photostream for more builds! Thanks for having a look! :)
  6. Ye Olde Self-Defense A Castle Creation "The poor rural village of Esbus suffers much from outside thieves and rogues. The village's starving people and low state of mind are helpless against this tyranny. But when three travelers claim they can teach these villagers to defend themselves; Things get hopeful....and a bit hectic!" Ye Olde Self-Defense by Sabarrus, on Flickr Comments are greatly appreciated. Check out My Flickr Photostream for more builds! Thanks for having a look! :)
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    Port Royal's Mouse-Hole

    Port Royal's Mouse-Hole Lego Pirates Creation "The stern rule and heavy guarding of this Royal colony was meant as a symbol to deter all piracy. Without the proper documentation and paperwork, leaving and entering the city is near impossible. But outside the walls are various buildings used for shops and bait houses. With the right form of distraction, 'Smith's Fishing Wares' is a great way to get into the city without the need of endless paperwork as is has a secret tunnel under the wall." Port Royal's Mouse-Hole by Sabarrus, on Flickr Arr...Nevermind....Because of the fact that the walls are a solid white I decided to go for a different background rather than my standard white expanse. So now you guys can see the actual build! Check out my Flickr Photostream for more creations! I'll upload more close ups later on. I'd have more, but I'm off doing summer-ish things and don't have access to my bricks and such. Enjoy!
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    Port Royal's Mouse-Hole

    Thanks guys! And thanks a ton Admiral for the Blog. You've all inspired me to build more in the pirate theme. So expect more creations from me in the future!