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  1. That's an interesting post! Thank you for sharing, these are very fascinating facts, thank you!
    I didn't know anything about pirate history but you make me wanting to know more. I will still be interested by the "hollywood" vision about it, but knowing a bit of history surely will make me understand better the line between reality and fantasy.
    The blackbeard story cracked me up, is awesome!

    Question for you, knowing everything you know about pirates, how do you approach all the movies/stories and even LEGO sets? 
    Do you still love them? 

  2. Try to point a light at the background and a light on the subject. The one on the BG should be stronger than the one on the subject. Not too strong, otherwise you will have some kind of "glowing" effect around the subject.  Then expose for the subject and watch out for darker shades on the corners, meaning that you have to position the BG light in a different way.

  3. 22 minutes ago, Reaper said:

    Welcome to Eurobricks! Your photos look great!!

    Thank you!
    A question for you all: if i want to publish one of mi pics, sometimes, where i can do it? In a specific themed subforum related to the pic?

  4. 31 minutes ago, The Neighborhood Merchant said:

    Glad you like it! If you're referring to the top hatch that was made using the headlight bricks, then I did it in black because that seems to be the most common color for it.

    Headlight bricks! Thank you so much, i was trying to figure out how to build a semi-realistic hatch for a picture that i have in mind and i didn't thought about that!!

    Another question...most common color for a merchant ship, for a ship in general or for a MOC?