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    [MOC] Jaguar D-Type 1956

    Highly commendable chassis - really first rate piece of work. The body needs work though - not an easy task with such a curvaceous car. To get it right, I think you're going to have to break away from using just 'blue' pieces because it limits your scope of all the available panel pieces on offer. For example parts 24119, 62531, and 11954 are far more suited for the side paneling, since the car's shape is basically elliptical. The headlight lenses are wrong too. Part 98102 or 87752 resembles the shape more. Its far better to get the shape right, rather than matching the colours. This is a lesson learned by the designer of the Chitty Bang car on Lego Ideas. Once he got the body work right, he then sprayed the body work with the correct chrome and gold etc. In your case it would be British Racing Green, available at Halfords.