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  1. Hi, I restarted this thread as I found one that was three years old and didn’t seem active, hence the 2. I’m currently building a Death Star 10188, and have done some upgrades and enhancements using other Star Wars, sets that I like. I am not so much building the original but more off a Star Wars Playset that covers many different movie scenes and doesn’t stick to just the classical, New Hope movie, scenes. I am thinking of using parts of cloud city set for some interior rooms and sections of the Death Star and have used the final duel set as a new emperor room. The goal being to make the set look more appealing to the eye, and offer a superior playing experience. I have added height to each floor, redesigned wall layouts and am now contemplating on whether to add another level and four more rooms. I’m currently on level three where the plates are the widest, and want to have another section the same size above it, before the final level that tops off the Death Star. Obviously this is going to be taller than usual so I am worried about handling and stability, etc. I was thinking of using the cloud city base somehow, as that has a larger footprint and will offer better stability than the small area covered by the base.
  2. S40-HSL

    Death Star Modification(s)?

    Hi and thanks for replying, I’m building the 10143 model, and have already made adjustments to height, wall design and room layouts, I’m really looking at following the original Death Star blueprint, but building it much bigger, by adding four extra rooms, and increasing the height of each floor. Im thinking I should start a new thread on this topic and add pics as this one is quite an old thread that seems to have died out some time ago.
  3. Betrayal at Cloud City, my personal opinion is that the interior would look much better used in the Death Star, which is what I am intending to do with it, after I build it, completely, first.
  4. S40-HSL

    Death Star Modification(s)?

    Anyone still interested in modding their Death Star. I am currently working on a Death Star and am really enjoying the building experience, but somehow feel a little underwhelmed with the areas and how they look. So after some searching around I came across quite a few mods and Mocs. What I am trying to do is use other Star Wars sets and build them into the Death Star and change the look of the model. I also want to add another floor and want to also increase the height of each individual level to give better access and playability. Has anyone done anything like this or have any ideas or opinions on this, I would be very grateful to bounce some ideas around before committing, to building the extra level and height. Not sure about stability and how to overcome any unforeseen problems. This is my first attempt at anything on this scale, the last mod/moc I made was a batman police station. I build them for my son to play with, mainly.