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  1. Agent 00381

    [TC20] 5550 Custom Rally Van

    The black bars simply indicate where the glass borders are, because in the original the A-pillar is the door and the transparent part to convey the shapes of the glass This is a video of the prototype, now the engine is firmly fixed. The rubber is used to rotate the steering wheel
  2. Agent 00381

    [TC20] 5550 Custom Rally Van

    Then I completely made the front part. I tried to put forward the headlights more similar to the original, but they look a little strange. I think the front of the car turned out to be quite beautiful
  3. Agent 00381

    [TC20] 5550 Custom Rally Van

    I decided to make the front part with a small angle of the hood to give the car aerodynamics and design. Yes, I changed yellow to red, cause I haven't got enough parts in the original color.
  4. Agent 00381

    [TC20] 5550 Custom Rally Van

    So, the first thing I had done was the chassis with steering (working steering wheel and HOG), fake V6 and rear suspension Then I started making the back part, but now I don't like it, so I'll remake it.
  5. Hello, I have almost finished recreation of this set and I have some photos in the process of creating, so this is a small WIP
  6. Agent 00381

    [MOC] RC Volvo 242 DL LEGO Technic

    Good work, man! I really like the front grille and the suspension test in video. Are you from Russia?
  7. Yes, I tried a lot of variations with the panels, that's the best. I would try using hoses if I had them and you would need to use more than one and this a bit destroys the concept: the upper and lower tubes seem to define the border of the wing
  8. Yes, maybe the the bodywork looks a bit cuttered for you, but there are not so many types of panels in lego and I tried to use them properly to make the model more plump and soapy in the right places. Can you tell me, which places you would like to change and what details you would put there. The same situation with the rear, what details of it you don't like? About the gearbox: there is not much space inside the hood, so I decided on this layout. The gearbox with a red gear works well if the shafts are spinning, and there is no more compact 4-speed gearbox in lego yet, so we have that we have
  9. Maybe spirit is hidden, as on the modern rolls I just couldn't find the suitable part
  10. I searched and was surprised, there are no such photos, but you can see the chassis details here
  11. Its "Panhard rod", sorry, translation difficulties
  12. Ladies and gentlemen, sirs and miladies, I want to introduce you the Rolls Royce phantom V limousine 1960 James Young series!!!The process of creating this model took more than half a year, and I am very pleased to present you the result. In the model, I made sure that all the functions worked softly and pleasantly, and the body was strong and rigid for torsion and bending.Chassis Functions:1. Front independent suspension with caster and convergence2. Rear axle with Pahnar rod on springs made of pneumatic hoses, height adjustable3. Turning the wheels using the removable HOG or steering wheel in the cabin.4. Working "automatic" gearbox. There are D-N-R modes, they are switched by a lever from the passenger compartment, in D mode you can choose one of 4 speeds (movement of the red gear).5. The work of the fake V8 engineFunctions:1. Opening all 4 doors2. Opening of the 2-fold hood3. Opening of the trunk. There is a lock that supports the trunk in the open position and does not allow it to open spontaneously.4. Opening the glovebox5. Folding armrests in front and back6. Folding additional seats at the rear7. Rising partition between the driver and the rear passengers. Instruction Building process you can see in my inst:
  13. Ok, thank you, I stopped on recreation model team set.
  14. If I want to recreate classical technic set and it has a lot of open space, it would be better if I leave this open space in my creation(to make it closer to the original) or if I make the body more competed(to make it more stylish)?