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  1. Good timing. The 104's and 120's take up so much more room than stock curves, haha.
  2. My tracks arrived. My son and I connected them up to Lego straights and had a hard time telling the difference apart from the BT on the studs. I only got 2 x 104 and 1 x 120 to start with we'll have to build some interesting layouts until I order some more corners. Cheers to coaster and co.
  3. Agree. I'm good for straights for a while but I will order more Bricktracks corners soon. Switches etc would be more useful.
  4. I just found a local* shop selling genuine straight track x 20 for Au$59 + shipping. Add ebay discount code = win. One pack already arrived and I've another on order. *In my country but 2000+ km away.
  5. K-Style

    BuWizz "Train" profile not working

    No issues with mine. Got my BuWizz yesterday (fast shipping and even delviered on a Sunday!) It's a nice addition to the Emerald Knight as it sits lower and allows remote control.
  6. Here we are. Nearly 3 years later. Very poorly run business.
  7. You are not alone. Aussie here. No contact since I got a PM on here 28 May 2015. Ordered one of each loop in ABS.
  8. Still waiting for mine. 2 weeks wait back in May.
  9. Just got an update email. I was about to send an email but I'll leave it for a couple of weeks.
  10. Haven't heard anything for a while. I got a PM but no response to my reply. :(
  11. Hi Mike, Eric, What news of shipping for those of us still waiting. (Plastic not metal). Cheers Scott
  12. What happens if you don't reach the goal in 26 days? The kickstarter page says this: "This project will only be funded if at least $79,000 is pledged by Sat, May 17 2014 4:22 PM AEST ." Does that mean no track will be delivered?
  13. K-Style

    Diesels, - the rot is setting in.

    It looks pretty neat with the bogies on. I'll get some pics up soon. I think I'll be waiting a while for the replacement 1x3 tiles. I thought I might have to skip some detail on the bogies because of how fragile they look but they actually hold together pretty well (I did use a 1 x 8 across the bogey so that the whole side of the bogey wasn't only supported at the rear). Haven't tested it around corners but I did move the ladders so it didn't contact on turning. It rolls along straights quite well. I reckon PF is quite doable.