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  1. Memo5378

    Tracks available on Pick & Build

    I ended up ordering two straights for fun, we’ll see what happens!
  2. Good day to all of you train lovers! I was just wondering: I’m I the only one that just noticed that you can now by tracks as a single item on Pick & Build, like any other item? All in canadian dollar: - Rail Straight 16M, 6070018, 1.70$ - Rail Curved 22 1/2 Deg. 4279717, 2.94$ - Switch Right, 6085188, 14.75$ - Switch Left, 6085213, 14,54$ - Control Switch 6163975, 0.61$ They also have the very useless flex rail, which is surprisingly expensive (1.02$ each). I didn’t try to buy them, but I wass able to add them to my bag. The only unanswered question I have is that next to the description of the straight rail it « use as a bundle ». What does that mean? I was able to had 1, 2 or 10 in my bag. As anyone ordered them like that? I find the price to be not too bad, as the cheapest « new » piece of track I could find on BL was 1.20$ (CAD) and it comes all the way from Turkey. However - and that is fine for me - the parts are all expensive, apart from the straight piece. Choo-choo.
  3. Memo5378

    MOC: Minifig rescue helicopter

    Is this thread still alive?
  4. Memo5378

    MOC: Minifig rescue helicopter

    So, did you build it for real?
  5. Memo5378

    MOC: Minifig rescue helicopter

    Any chance you would make your instructions available?
  6. Memo5378

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I got nothing to post, I’m just here to laugh at this. ??
  7. Memo5378

    [MOC] A sailor's solitude

    Wow. Incredible skills AND a poet. You, Sir, are taking it to the next level.
  8. Memo5378

    MODded 10277 Crocodile Locomotion

    Am I missing something here? The model is not even available yet... in Canada, anyways...
  9. Memo5378

    Central Perk Big Bang Theory Modular

    Well. That sucks. I’m currently transforming my central perk set, as per your design. Let me say thanks, it’s incredible!
  10. Memo5378

    Central Perk Big Bang Theory Modular

    Can you try and claim rights, somehow?
  11. Memo5378

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion That does not say indefinitely.
  12. Memo5378

    Worth getting Lego 60204? (City Hospital)

    It is. I put in the two 4429 I had, plus a lot of pieces. So, I estimate about 3500 parts.
  13. Memo5378

    Worth getting Lego 60204? (City Hospital)

    I personnally bought two, and turned them into a large modular hospital.
  14. Memo5378

    Need help building train chassis

    So I tried the standard plates and 2x2 turntables option. I am quite satisfied with the outcome. However, it does turn a 15 USD$ car into a 20$ one (give or take), if built with new parts straight from TLG. The standard train chassis is sold 2.29$, and the plates I used total 7.96$ (6x14 are 2.24 each, I used three, 6x6 are .62, I used 2). So it’s a lot more expensive to build in black, but then again cheaper than buying the chassis on Bricklink, the cheapest I saw being sold 42$!!!! I usually don’t buy from BL as I find that people’s price for used parts plus shipping is generally more expensive than buying new.... Anyways, thanks to all who answered.