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  1. Riku

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors & discussion

    So true! Sorry, I get excited so easily As a gardener I will love the greenhouse set with a new professor Sprout figure that looks like her! For the moment looking at the cover seems that Luna, Ron and Hermione will have a patronus companion on the new cmf serie. I read somewhere that more animal companions will be added to the cmf series, however I don't remember if they were talking about regular series or Wizarding World. Maybe the new patronus are from a Dumbledore's Army set, who knows. Or maybe we won't get patronus and we'll get centaurs! I'm sure it will be something cool. A part from the hints hidden on the book covers I wanted to ask: the philosopher's stone exist as a piece? Or do you use something else?
  2. Riku

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors & discussion

    Definetly more than one patronus on the image, the otter is sure, but also a dog (under de number 1), maybe a terrier. And still another two bluish figures, the one on Ron's head looks like a bunny but maybe is just part of a ghost as you said. Could be aunt Marge at Harry's head. I see a teddy bear, I don't remember any appearing in the books or the movies. I was excited to see Ron in herbology uniform but then I thought that they just replaced Neville's head. I can't see Professor Sprout on any of this two book covers, so my hopes for the greenhouse are low
  3. Riku

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors & discussion

    Some are extremly hard to tell -Ollivander, Rosmerta and Kingsley at the front? -Young Dumbledore at the right corner? -Uncle Vernon at the second row? -Horace Slughorn behind Snape. Lucius Malfoy shadowed at the very end with Hermione. -There is a smiling boy with a white t-shirt and brown hoodie that appears three times. Maybe part of the finding game? -Young Leta Lestrange behind Snape? The one with hands held high. The blond man at her side could be Gilderoy Lockhart. No idea about the lady. I don't see anyone really fabulous like Nagini, Rita or Kreacher. But I enjoyed guessing Who do you see?
  4. Riku

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors & discussion

    I just saw the new Search and Find book with Snape! Definetly the theme is young and we can wait more and more releases! And it's refreshing to see more characters featuring minisets other than Harry, Ron and Hermione. They could release one with Fred and George with some of their inventions: the elongatable ears, fireworks... ! Or maybe Umbridge? Nah, definetly professor Sprout (I adore Myriam Margolyes!) with a huge curly hair under her hat and a book full of ideas for building botanic monstrosities.
  5. Riku

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors & discussion

    Is Harry Potter theme doing well on sales? I can't stop thinking that the original saga is really old and this sweet fantasy is about to end. Star Wars and the Marvel universe seem far more popular and youth. There is still hope for more Harry Potter releases the next years? Is there a web or a place to check LEGO's themes success? My niece will love the advent calendar, and then for Christmas the clock tower! Thanks lego for making so easy to be a good uncle!
  6. Riku

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors & discussion

    Thanks for the welcome Agree, LEGO could be more generous with the animals on the last releases. Argus Filch came without his cat, the owelry just with Hedwig, Hagrid's Hut without Fang, McGonall Sirius without their animagic forms... For me this minor additions would make the sets more exciting. I'm also worried about all the cuts the movies did. Hopefully the new saga of movies will give some protagonism to some of the forgotten creatures and we will see it in the future, like niffler. And yeah, give us Firenze and more centaurs!
  7. Riku

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors & discussion

    First post, so don't know if i'm in the wrong topic. Readed a lot about whises for upcoming releases, and now the animals moulds, i ended wishing every living creature like Hagrid. I really miss more magical creatures from Harry Potter universe, I loved the sniffler addition to Newt figure on the last serie and i hope to see more "pets" on the upcoming HP series. -Bloodworms. There is no larva/maggot model, the closest are wampa's horns, i'm trying to make something with them. With a round mouth to attach the new green transparent splash to make them spit slime! Or maybe some lettuce leaves to feed them during the long Hagrid's lessons when he was depressed. Also it would be a model usable for other universes, maggots are so much fun! -Bowtruckles. We need this beautiful leafy creature. Maybe somebody already did a custome one? -The kelpie. I dislkied almost every new creature in the new movies realease except this one, it was awesome. I need more fauna for Hogwart's lake, gryndelows, plimpys, or a more evil mermaids. -A decent phoenix. -More transparent animals to make patronus, a cat for Umbrige or a bunny for Luna.