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  1. My new MOC featuring some of the earlier released Disney castles. The overall view of the Park. You will be welcomed by the four lovely princesses at the entrance Ariel's residence under the pool Cinderella castle Rapunzel & Merida castle Elsa and Anna Castle The Princess Zeppelin Hope you guys enjoy the tour :)
  2. Updated this moc with some landscaping and a pond...
  3. Jet

    [MOC] Microtown

    Those photos looked like right from the LEGO boxes. Very pro looking. Glad to see that you have included some greens in your city.
  4. Jet

    [MOC] Modern House 04

    Here's my latest addition to my Modern House Buildings
  5. Added some landscaping work A long long time ago Even Cinderella dreamt of moving in here Shaggy woke up in another side of the portal mysterymansion03 by Bruneibricks, on Flickr
  6. Jet

    Point Dume Residence

    Wow. Speechless. Love all the details!
  7. Jet

    Frozen: Anna and Elsa

    Wow. Speechless. Amazing work!
  8. Jet

    Angry Birds 2016 Rumors & Discussion

    The egg is probably the most interesting thing we have seen so far in this theme.
  9. Thanks for commenting. You guys are awesome. As a matter of fact, I do not own a BBT set, if not, I would have put the shocked Sheldon in there somewhere. ;)
  10. Having some fun creating this scene. Sorry Sheldon, someone is taking over your seat.
  11. A modern art gallery building to celebrate our beloved HM birthday. Check out my Bruneibricks flickr for more images. Or you can add me on my instagram: chunjetlee
  12. Jet

    More exclusive set info

    Thank you so much for the two videos. Definately will be getting the Post Office to complete my winter village. I was not too keen on the camper van when I first saw the pic taken from the book. But now, I HAVE to buy both. Come to think of it, my kid will LOVE the camper van as it looks like FILLMORE from Cars! Perhaps someone should customise the color to aqua green for me... pls...
  13. Jet

    What did you buy today?

    Luckily I have waited to order the Winter Toy Shop (10199) from It is now back in stock at $59.99 at amazon, not the ridiculous jack-up price of $89.99! I have ordered 10199 with the Medieval Market Village.
  14. The only place that sells Lego here is in one chained mall (like Walmart/Target in US), and their prices is more or less double what's selling in the US, and they do not carry those exclusive sets that I want like HP Diagon Alley, Medieval Market, Winter Toy Shop, Pet Shop. They only stock those popular sets. I will only wait for sales then I will consider buying some Creator sets. Sales is usually 15-25% off the regular price, which I still can consider buying them. Thanks for the feedback guys, I just don't want to miss out on some sites that I haven't come across. So I guess my best bet is still Amazon/Target/Walmart as they provide free shipping within US.
  15. Hi. I am from Brunei (South East Asia). The Lego selling here locally are almost double the price that's selling in the US. I have tried ordered some sets from and DHL here and it ends up still cheaper than buying locally. And moreover I can get some hard-to-fine sets that are not available locally. I only knew the following places where I can buy Lego online: - Lego S@H - - Barnes and Noble - Target - Walmart - Bricklink Are there any other online sites that I can buy? Sites like Walmart has special discounts that I can saved to compensate for the high shipping costs. Would appreciate any help on this. Thanks. Just ordered the Pet Shop from S@H and now it is on its way to which will act as the middleman to help send the set to me. So this particular order will cost me around $150 (Pet shop) and $70 (DHL) = $220US (you can get it at this price even if it's selling locally).