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    LEGO City
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    LEGO Benny Space Crew

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    LEGO minifigures and some other action figures as G.I. Joe and Marvel, collector of toys.


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  1. Luiggi-Brick

    Hi hello from Spain

    I will "like" it direclty at You Tube and follow you.
  2. Luiggi-Brick

    Does anybody else find it hard to talk about Lego IRL

    Yeah!, I agree, for many of us are not just "toys"
  3. Luiggi-Brick

    [MOC] First Micro-Space build

    Very nice!, made me remember about the old spaceships from the "V" TV show or the old "Tente" construction system.
  4. Luiggi-Brick

    Along the coral road

    Great colors!, I am pretty sure that saw your work at Instagram, but do not remeber well your name in there. Real nice.
  5. Luiggi-Brick

    Blaine the Mono

    Really nice, enjoyed the vide a lot!, very well built, the volcano is amazing.
  6. Luiggi-Brick

    [MOC] Chimera spaceship

    Real nice look!, very well built
  7. Luiggi-Brick

    New sets

    So the word "new" sounds "old"? A thread named "new sets", would mean to me a space to coment the new releases
  8. Luiggi-Brick

    LEGO Collectible Minfigures Series 1 Poll

    I agree, but very often we see them appearing in some set, for example the LEGO City sets, every time include new Minifigures that easily could have been sold as a CMF
  9. Luiggi-Brick

    Does anybody else find it hard to talk about Lego IRL

    I've been collecting toys for a while, I belong to a kind of club of many grown-ups that collecto toys here in Mexico City, they all like Marvel Legends action figures, Star Wars and some Mafex movie characters; I am the only one collecting LEGO, they all look at me as kind of the "curious guy" of the group, I mean, they do not really think that collecting LEGO fits in their standars, for them is as I am still being the little boy, but god damn it, WE ALL COLLECT TOYS!
  10. Luiggi-Brick

    LEGO Collectible Minfigures Series 1 Poll

    My favorite is the Caveman, would be nice to see a set including some cavemen among some dinosaurs.
  11. Thanks Duke. I am enjoying being around and answering the minifigures poll, meanwhile we have further news about Series 19.
  12. I am waiting for the hi-res photos of this new series, because many of the figures are very intersting to me.
  13. Luiggi-Brick

    New sets

    From then to now, a lot of set have been out to comment.
  14. When it is possible I do so, do a pair of photos considering the main objects I want in, and nowadays there are a lot of apps that can work on putting them together.
  15. Luiggi-Brick


    Welcome here, really is welcome me, but I am touring around.