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  1. Rick Katsumata

    GBC General Discussion

    I uploaded photos about my module Orbit Overlap. https://www.flickr.com/photos/168178155@N07/albums/72157710883999676 Notice that my module is not refined , and will not refined by myself. If someone could improve my modules, I am very happy. and I uploaded some new videos on youtube yesterday. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwuHrRs5-_H56QtvCWHTghQ please check them out and send comment.
  2. Rick Katsumata

    GBC General Discussion

    @Ankoku oh my god. You should be follower of my twitter? and I guess you can understand Japanese. eigo de kakuno chotto shindoi node tamani nihongo tsukatte iitdesuka? Anyway, I will upload some new videos soon on YouTube, include that module. maybe soon. maybe. thanks for recognize me, I could find some posts about my GBC module here
  3. Rick Katsumata

    GBC General Discussion

    @Ankoku Oh, I couldn't find that. I just need to check those forums out, thanks ! now I figured out that eurobricks very trendy. and I can take some photos of module Orbit Overlap. It is in front of me. thanks for watching my youtube !
  4. Rick Katsumata

    GBC General Discussion

    Hello. My name is Rick, GBC builder in Japan. nice to see you. I want you to watch this immediately. thanks.