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  1. Looking for a unique convention of LEGO fans held en français* ? CinéBrique is THE original event combining a convention of LEGO fans AND a brickfilms festival! The third edition of this already popular event in Quebec will be held on November 18-20, 2016, at Champlain College, in Saint-Lambert (South Shore of Montreal), Quebec, Canada. Attendees who register before September 1st will get a $10 discount. For more info: http://cinebrique.com/en/afol-convention/ * Although the convention is held in French, most of the organizers and attendees will gladly translate anything you need to know in English.
  2. That's the intention of Janey at least for the AFOL part of the convention. Once the different activities are determined, some participating QuéLUG members will be asked to help out in hosting those events, either in collaboration with a member of Janey's team, or by themselves if they can do it in both languages. The idea is to accommodate both English speaking and French speaking attendees so that everyone feels welcome and has fun. We also hope that will give an unique feel to the convention that you'll get nowhere else (at least, in North America). So English speaking AFOLs should not worry: everyone will be able to enjoy (and understand) the convention!
  3. Do you want to attend an "old school" AFOL convention, one that will be unique in all of North America because it will be held both in English AND in French? Then you're invited to Brickfête Montréal, starting November 22, 2013, until November 24, 2013. Lots of activities, games and fun await you in the great city of Montreal, Canada! But hurry up to register, because only 150 lucky AFOLs will be able to attend, and tickets are selling up fast! http://montreal.bric...013registration ************************************************************************************************** Souhaitez-vous participer à un colloque d'AFOLs pour les AFOLs, le seul en Amérique du Nord qui se tiendra en français? Alors vous êtes invités à participer à Brickfête Montréal qui aura lieu du 22 au 24 novembre 2013. Plusieurs activités, jeux et beaucoup de plaisir seront de la fête dans la fantastique ville de Montréal, au Canada! Mais dépêchez-vous! Seulement 150 AFOLs auront la chance s'inscrire, et les billets s'envolent rapidement! http://montreal.bric...013registration
  4. Daz Hoo

    3677 Red Freight Train

    More detailed pictures are also available on QuéLUG's Flickr account, since its designer, Pierre Normandin, was kind enough to bring it with him at QuéLUG's last meeting in April. If you look closely, you'll see that this set contains this piece in a new color: dark bluish gray.