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    The Empire of Eslandola: Sign-Up and Discussion, Era II

    Thanks so much, @Garmadon! I look forward to all the interesting activities I'll be able to take part in. Appreciate the kind words, @Fraunces! Hopefully throughout time I'll be able to include more bricks to my smaller builds, but until then I still am very thankful to see the kind feedback to the little I can do! Also, a quick side note: I don't know if you've seen my Boreas's Haul (pretty rookie ship I made a bit ago), but I still have your fig in command of the helm on the old Trading ship. Thanks for continuing to bring me good loot with your voyages! Thanks for the cheerful welcoming, @Kai NRG! Glad you enjoyed the story and the dirty one was pretty much the only time my bag of demolished parts came in handy. Amazing that even parts in horrible condition have a part within lego builds!
  2. The Neighborhood Merchant

    The Empire of Eslandola: Sign-Up and Discussion, Era II

    Thanks @Bodi! I'm actually glad it works this way as it takes a while for me to come up with ideas to build new stuff! Plus, it builds up the suspense... I'm watching those corries... always advancing in technology... always needing more land...
  3. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [MOC] The Crew of the Lemuria

    What an interesting array of minifigures! Kudos to you for using such a wide assortment of minifigure pieces to create such a unique and outstanding crew! Also, where does the leg piece you used for Lemuria originate from? It looks fantastic!
  4. The Neighborhood Merchant

    The Empire of Eslandola: Sign-Up and Discussion, Era II

    Felipe, I look forward to sailing under MAESTRO and yes, I do think I could an apple and some more cider. Waiting at the dock for my ship to be ready is dreadfully boring. Arthur Thanks @Ross Fisher ,@Capt Wolf, @Darnok, and @Faladrin! Really appreciate the kind words! The torso is found on Professor Gilderoy Lockhart from Harry Potter. All the harry potter minifigures are absolute goldmine for minifigure pieces. It's pretty easy to find him in an old vintage lot on Ebay. Personally, I just bought a harry potter lot, kept him and a few others and just put the rest up for sale among my other pieces on my Lego Ebay store. I'd definitely suggest the old vintage harry potter lots as they are incredibly cheap if you find the right time and come with all the older colors and great minifigures. I'm currently looking in to getting the Sand Red version of him as his torso is absolutely breathtaking.
  5. The Neighborhood Merchant

    The Empire of Eslandola: Sign-Up and Discussion, Era II

    Hello! I'm very enthusiastic to join BoBS and have done a bit of research and I'd love to partake in the Empire of Eslandola. I believe I'm posting this in the right place, but if I messed something up please do let me know! Anyhow here's my formal request: I, Arthur Williams, pledge my undying loyalty under the Eslandolian flag. May the water's sail us true! Main by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr Occupation: Current owner of the "Golden Fang" merchant fluyt (currently under maintenance) Age: 22 Gender: M Interests: Sailing and trading under MAESTRO's authority Established history:
  6. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [COR-FB] The Oleander Prison Industrial Complex

    What a great and hilarious addition to Count Mesabi's adventurers. Always look forward to seeing the next part and great job with the scenes! Also, can you please include in the next part the answer to the all important question: "Yo, how many times have you dropped the soap in here?" The suspense is killing me!
  7. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [MOC] The Dauntless from the Japanese Classic Pirates

    Thanks for posting these @Mister Phes! What an absolute beaut!
  8. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [GoC - FB2 - COR] University of Quinnsville

    Wow, Blackbird! You truly have a gift. The detailing is impeccable and the overall aesthetic is spot on! I hope one of these days you'll build some of these great mocs in person, but until then keeping doing what your doing because this looks fantastic.
  9. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [COR - FB] Smugglers innovative power

    So many excellent ideas brought in to this. The building looks excellent and the way you did the underwater tunnels is completely unique. Great use of the old aquatic pieces as well. Wonderful work.
  10. The Neighborhood Merchant

    Civilization is Returning

    Absolutely fantastic build, @Roadmonkeytj! The citizens and their stalls look excellent. It's always great to see a build with such small details. I love that you spent plenty of time to make each of the civilian minifigures unique. The guillotine and the steel shop look wonderful and the way you did the green stained glass bottles looks very pleasing. Wonderful work!
  11. The Neighborhood Merchant

    Shipwrights Guild Hall (WIPs, feedback, and advice)

    Thanks for your kind comments Tj and Blackbird! I really appreciate you taking the time to give some constructive criticism on my ship, Wellesley, and I'll try my best to address those issues. Thank you very much!
  12. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [GoC] Gunboat

    The ship and cannon look excellent! Also, interesting take on the sail color with the olive green. It looks very fitting.
  13. The Neighborhood Merchant

    Shipwrights Guild Hall (WIPs, feedback, and advice)

    I'll actually just post them here so that way if someone else would like to chip in and give some ideas they can. Here you go: FRIGATE Red Coat by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr FRIGATE Red Coat_2 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr FRIGATE Red Coat_3 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr Here's what it looks right now. I'm currently working on the masts. I know the red hull isn't entirely time accurate (at least to my knowledge) but I figured it captured the redcoats look that Lego established. This will be my first ship build using custom rigging so see you in fifty years. Honestly though, it looks like a mess so any help is appreciated. I tried to add train gates to the side of the ship to give a wood planking effect but not really certain whether or not that looks good. I'm not really certain if the mast placements are correct, and I am also rather uncertain if the rudder looks fine. Also, I have no clue what to do for the figure head besides using the silver chrome chestplate, so if you have any ideas, feel free to share! Thanks again for your help.
  14. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [LOGO - Cat A] EB Top Banner

    Wow, the editing on this is impeccable! I would definitely love to see this as the theme for the BoBS. Great job!
  15. The Neighborhood Merchant

    Shipwrights Guild Hall (WIPs, feedback, and advice)

    I'm actually designing the frigate via due to my lack of spare parts so I'm not really sure whether or not pics would help due to the lack of depth and lack of real items to compare the size in person. I can say though that it does have six mid hulls. Is this amount normal? If you'd like, I can DM you pictures of what it looks like on currently and you can tell me your opinion on what you think would work better mast-wise with the scale. Really appreciate the assistance, and as always your ships are really a treasure to me so I look forward to seeing your next beauty.
  16. The Neighborhood Merchant

    Shipwrights Guild Hall (WIPs, feedback, and advice)

    While my opinion is most definitely inferior to yours, I personally agree with Darnok and think they look great the way they are. While they look overpowering right now, I believe when you add sails they'll be a perfect vibrant edition to add plenty of flair to the build while maintaining realism. None the less, this is one absolutely stunning ship and I'm very excited to see what she looks like with sails! Also, I have a question for all of you experts out there. I'm in the process of designing a frigate and am currently working on the upper masts. Only thing is that I'm rather uncertain whether or not to do the upper masts using part 6538c, 3941, or 62462. I've seen them done with all three pieces and I don't really know which one is the most realistic / ideal option.
  17. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [MOC] The Tubinare, privateering catamaran...

    What a fantastic MOC! All the small details and the beautiful color palette are extremely pleasing to the eye. I don't believe I've ever seen palm trees made like that before, they look great! I This is one of those MOCs that I'd love to see go on Lego ideas. Also got to love the use already of the new chameleon!
  18. The Neighborhood Merchant

    Cloudship 1

    These are probably some of the most detailed custom prints I've seen! The speedometer use with the frying pan is simply ingenious! I also love the inclusion of the old compass and globe. Would you be willing to share your secret on how you went about making the wood grain effect for the tiles?
  19. The Neighborhood Merchant

    Cloudship 1

    I remember watching this video back in 2018 and being absolutely astonished with the creativity put in to this build. You truly did an outstanding job with designing the ship and everything else in the build. This will go down as one of my all time favorites. Also, how'd you do the wood grain? It looks spectacular!
  20. The Neighborhood Merchant

    La Comete

    I look forward to seeing this alternative! Your ships will always bring great joy to my life and while it's sad to see such a beautiful vessel go, It's much better to take it down before it completely falls apart by itself; and besides, I'll always have pictures of her on my computer !
  21. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [MOC] Na Korowaiwai 1854 by js_customs581

    Woah! What a fantastic creation! So many details in such a small island.
  22. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [MOC] Pirate ship

    I'm looking forward to seeing the complete build! I'm a little late, but my input on rare, expensive pieces like that and if they should be avoided to save funds is more along the lines of biting the bullet if it's important. With your color scheme, it really comes down to the colors you want for the captain's quarters and to find the best accent. If that color of brick is vital to your color scheme, then It's more important to have a ship you can be proud of that's unique more than one that was cut back due to fund issues. You have to also consider future use of the piece. If you continue to build MOCs, you most likely will find yourself destroying your old ones to improve upon them or build more advanced ones with their pieces. If you believe a piece can be vital to a current build and a future one, then it would be important to get said piece so you can always have access to it (or until you lose it ). Also, never follow the price input gives you. Trust me, they overestimate entirely. If you plan to purchase this, I'd recommend if you have the time then choose piece by piece from each store. Depending on your ship size, this may take a 10-20 hours, but you'll save 200 to 500 just by using that small amount of time (from my experience at least for buying three ships). Keep in mind as well, pieces like this that are in low quantity can sell for overpriced amounts just because the lack of other sellers; but, if you stay active and check ebay and bricklink often you will surely find them for a much more reasonable price later. Anyhow, that's just my opinion, but for stuff like this do what you believe is the correct path and what fits within your comfort zone. Also, welcome to the forums! Your ship looks beautiful already and I can't wait to see more! My apologies for the long message, I talk way too much.
  23. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [MOC] Blue Imperial Fort

    This is a fantastic build, pantelis! Your choice of colors is always striking and stunning. Your use of the viking hull and the pirate flag for the shipwreck is ingenious. The LotR ring used for the door handle really works. The angles: fantastic, the colors: outstanding, and your details: on point. I'm absolutely in love with your builds!
  24. The Neighborhood Merchant

    HMS Effortless 118-gun first rate ship of the line like victory WIP

    Thanks so much for the photos, they look great ! I personally really enjoy the look of the figurehead and I am interested to see how you change it. Teddy did a wonderful job, as the cannons look nothing short of excellent. I'm interested to hear how using IKEA curtains for your sails goes as I'm struggling to find the perfect material for a ship I'm designing right now. As for the interior, if you worry about the quarters shaking around too much (use of just tiles), or having to apply too much pressure to uplift them (tiles with studs), then I think that using a brick with groves (2653) and a door rail (32028) would work perfectly for easily sliding it out for a build like yours.
  25. The Neighborhood Merchant

    HMS Effortless 118-gun first rate ship of the line like victory WIP

    It truly is an amazing vessel and I'm very excited to see it with cloth sails. I noticed that you updated the figure head, do you think we can get a closeup of that when you take more pictures? It'd also be neat to see how you made the cannons (I can't tell if that's a unique style or a standard one). Lastly, do you plan at any point to add an interior? I noticed in one of your earlier pictures you added some hinge functions to the side to allow that.