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    Project Tatooine

    Hi. Nice diorama. Whats inside the tower?
  2. I felt so too comparing it with Tatooine's building eventhough I think its more or less minifig scale. I made two landspeeders for some aliens based on Lukes' and also decided to shorten it. Lol.
  3. AdmiralHeavyThing

    [Factions Ep. 7 - Cat B][O10 - Ambria - TT] “Dank farrik”

    Superb job again! Keep the story rolling pls... A scene minutes earlier with a dangling spider showing and filling the gap between the structure will create a terrifying depiction. The spider being in sand blue would be displayed prominently. The web seems to be too small in my opinion. A combination of a few nets and hanging strings can replace it beautifully... Well, thats just me being a fan of Star Wars and its Siths.
  4. AdmiralHeavyThing

    [R16 - Geonosis - TT] The Petranaki Arena

    One of the best portrayal of a scene in Lego that I have seen. I love the balance of tiles and studs. The choice of few undistracting colors in this built highlighted the actions of the scene without any visual interference. Amazing... amazing!!! A feast for the eye!
  5. Funny names with funny descriptions. Being creative with Lego is boundless!
  6. AdmiralHeavyThing

    [O10 - Ambria - TT] Digging Up the Past

    I like the grey kama on Lt. Cant wait to see what those monstrous insectoids looks like!
  7. Hello, I'm currently building iscreamclone cantina. Thank you for showing your MOD. May I know the Bricklink number of the alien brainiac headgear in picture number 3?
  8. AdmiralHeavyThing

    AT-ST MOC by A_C

    What a neat AT-ST MOC. Very movie accurate. Will definitely buy the instructions.
  9. Like what you have done to make it more movie accurate. Nice work. I have this built too and would like to replicate your mod. Ever think of getting Iscreamclone's Scrapyard? Just curious.
  10. AdmiralHeavyThing

    [MOC] Patrol on Endor

    Love the details. Excellent rendition of the Endor speeder bike action scene. Would like to see additional speeder bike on it for emphasis. Nicely done.
  11. AdmiralHeavyThing

    [MOC] T-47 Snowspeeder

    I have been searching for a smaller scale snowspeeder for a while now. I still cant believe I found it. Kit, can you please show us some pictures on how its all connected? There are some of us who really want to replicate this build even if its flimsy as you said. Who knows, we might be able to strenghten it a bit. Thanks.
  12. AdmiralHeavyThing

    [MOC] [INSTRUCTIONS] UCS Tantive IV - CR-90 Corvette

    New in posting here. Ill do my best to achieve 10 posts to be eligible for the instruction of this amazing model.