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  1. Middle Earth Contest Voting Topic

    Category A: #4 #5 Category B: #3 #4 Category C: #2 #4
  2. Expand the Winter Village Contest III Voting Topic

    6. Winter Village: Winter Town Hall by sdrne - 1 point 13. Winter Village: Farm by Emma - 2 points 18. Winter Village: Mountain Lodge by Priovit70 - 1 point 22. Winter Village: Jewelry Store by sonicstarlight - 1 point Good Luck to all entries!
  3. EB's Super Hero Comic Cover Contest Voting Thread!

    12.) by dr_spock - 2 points 4.) by Oky - 1 point
  4. Superhero Video Contest: Voting Thread

    1 by lego-manic - 1 point 5 by MadAboutLego - 2 points Good luck to all entries!
  5. EB SW Xmas raffle 2012

    To give or not to give, that is the question! Merry X-Mas!
  6. I would also choose 10179 Milennium Falcon cause I missed to get it and its such a fantastic set.
  7. Vote for your favourite Category A entries

    14) 1 point 31) 1 point 33) 1 point
  8. Vote for your favourite Category B entries

    2) 2 points 11) 1 point
  9. VOTING: To sail the Technic sea

    My votes are: 6. Motor Boat & water skiing Tomik 1 point 8. Steampunk shark submersible legobodgers 1 point 10. Leviathan Omikron 1 point 13. Water Strider Splat 2 point 14. Piper Super Cub Float Plane dhc6twinotter 2 point yours hammelgeier
  10. Expand the Winter Village II - Voting Thread

    4. Dix - 2 10. Priovit70 - 1 14. Jameson42 - 1 17. dho7622u - 1
  11. EB SW X-mas Raffle 2011

    Here`s my version of a lego crib: Lego Krippe von hammelgeier auf Flickr
  12. Hello, here's my entry for the Eurobricks Spaghetti Western Contest. Just finished in last minute. Click on the pictures to see full size or visit my brickshelf Because of daily upload limitation I just published one on flickr for the size. Overview: P1090142 von hammelgeier auf Flickr Stagecoach: Town Entry: Hotel: Saloon: Saloon Roof: Sheriff and Jail: More can be seen on brickshelf.
  13. Pirates of the Caribbean Contest Winners

    Better late than never! I`m totally beside myself for reaching 2nd place with my first MOC ever. Thanks for this amazing contest, congrats to all the winners and above all thanks to everyone voting for my entry This contest spured me on participating in other contest. Just realized the "spaghetti western contest" as a new challenge. Timt to start as its just 3 weeks to go. Fortunately I have 3 weeks holiday from next week forward. hammelgeier
  14. Pirates of the Caribbean Contest - MOC Forum Division Voting

    Finally my votes are: Sebeus Iniwum - Hello Beastie - 3 Points Fat Tony - Where's the rest of the crew - 2 Points Toltomeja - Giant Jack Sparrow - 1 Point Captain Genaro - Welcome to Port Royale Mr. Smith - 1 Point yours hammelgeier
  15. Hello Beastie

    This is one of my favorite entries. Especially the crop through the ship, the water and the Kraken makes is such an excellent MOC. The ship is full of little details that makes it such a lively scene. The hay fork on the wall, the shipload on the floor with all its barrels, boxes and the little pig. Even every brace between the floors has somethin hanign on it: bag, bucket or just the simple but lovely lanterns or the harpoons on the main deck. And just watch the brush in the barrel... With all the minifigures being so bustling I just feel like beeing part of the crew, fearing every moment that a tentacle would catch me. Of course I know its the black pearl, but putting more coloring like brown in the ships hull and floor would look more realistic. Also the ground and planket could have been more irregular by using some tiles to simulate planks. Next one is the Kraken: Showing only a section of the Kraken emphasizes its dimension, also the little section of his body with the inner view into his stomach (the bone made me smile) The same on his mouth. Great technique to make it round and putting all the teeth in it. Not making it flat like in the movies but more like a cylinder emphasizes its harassment. The irregularity of his teeth do so as well. I especially like the tentacles. Putting the disks displaced gives them a realistic touch. I think you got out of bricks for making them taller :) I don´t like the Krakens eye. It looks unnatural and doesn´t fit into the scene. In the movie I think its amber, so tan with a black pupil would be much better. Also integrating it into the corpse would make the Kraken more natural. Same for the stud plate on the front. Further add more splash to the water near the ship and the tentacles. Even though there is a movie scene, where the tentacles come out slowly, it would make it much more lively and dangerous. Putting one tentacle directly next to the ship and letting it slide at a cannon would be a great eye catcher. One main reason beacsue I like it that much is, that you just put several movie scenes in this MOC.: 1. William who gets lifted with the barrels of rum and Elisabeth waiting with her gun for the final shot. You even didnt forget Wills' knife. 2. Jack heading with his rapier into the Krakens mouth. (Putting one foot back and one arm forward would have make it better) and 3. The crew preparing for the fight against the Kraken. My suggested improvements are just "the cherry on the cake" of a great MOC. As an outsider its always easy to make suggestions on improving but these couldn't also be the intention of the builder. The achievment of building such a huge scenery shouldnt get any further suggestions... I hope everybody understands the meaning. I`m just trying to improve my English and reading all those topic on Eurobricks really helps me. But for now its quite difficult to me to translate my german common speech in English words. I´m always looking forward to translation tips.... I wanted to comment some more entries but as I need a couple of hours for just one comment I limited it to my favorite one. yours hammelgeier