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  1. Pabstat

    28 years later....

    Thx Guys. Yeah, i really liked that pirate theme. A pity that i was Not interested in the Clipper for some reason. I think all other pirate sets from 89 are there. I am now sorting all the bricks....quite a task.
  2. Pabstat

    28 years later....

    Hi there. Since my boy just turned 2, i thought it's the right time to check what ist left from my stuff for him. And a good way to convince the first Lady that it is necessary to deal with Lego again ;-). As a good Daddy, i already purchased some Technic sets for future use, but now, i crawled into the dark corners of my parents house attic on the hunt for my old lego parts. And thanks to the lego god, we kept everything. One thing what surprised me though, is that i played with lego much shorter than i thought. By the Sets i identified so far, it stopped around 1991 and started around 1985. So my dark ages ended after more or less 28 years.... Anyway, I am glad that I am back into the lego universe. And it' s just amazing what ist possible today with all the great sources Like bricklink, brickset and of course such a great forum.