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  1. Boindil Lego

    [MOC] Gyldenspir Castle

    Thats a great build! Really like the us of the 1x2 round plate for texture.
  2. Boindil Lego

    [MOC] Diablo II - The Moldy Tome

    Very nice build.
  3. Boindil Lego

    [MOC] Avendor. Marketplace

    That's a great build. Especially the tan awning looks nice. You almost fooled me hehe.
  4. Boindil Lego

    [MOC] Homeward bound, Hamajuzi estate

    Lovely build. I really like the trees!
  5. Boindil Lego

    Witcher - A Little Sacrifice

    What a cool ship.
  6. Boindil Lego

    [MOC] The silent falls

    Nice one!
  7. Very cool! I agree with Bard.
  8. Boindil Lego

    [MOC] Home of Wisdom

    Very cool build.
  9. Boindil Lego

    [MOC] Bukhara in Uzbekistan

    Impressive build!
  10. Boindil Lego

    [MOC] german water castle Raesfeld - minifigscale 1:50

    That's amazing! The details are spot on! Great work.
  11. Boindil Lego

    [MOC] Ninjago Market Village

  12. Boindil Lego

    [MOC] Ninjago Market Village

    It`s been a while since I posted anything here, but here is my latest MOC. For the competition at Lowlug: "Redesign a set in a different theme" I made this rebuild of the Medieval Market Village (10193) The original Medieval Market Village (10193) and mine version. An overview of the 2 houses, the large and the small dragon, the tree and the stall. The setup is the same as in the original. The first house has a blacksmith who uses lava as a heat source. Next to it is a stable for a dragon. There is a dojo on the first floor. The second house has a restaurant on the ground floor. there is an apartment on the first floor. The big dragon and the tree.
  13. Boindil Lego

    [MOC] The Sword in the Stone

    Very cool build.