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  1. Boindil Lego

    Siege of Tharbad

    This looks great!
  2. Boindil Lego

    Massive Castle Project thread

    Very nice castle. Also neat to see the whole process. Keep us updated!
  3. Boindil Lego

    Black Falcon Keep

    Normally I'm not a fan of the yellow panels, but in this case you made them fit perfectly. The same goes for the black roof. The whole building is an excellent balans between classic and modern to me.
  4. Boindil Lego

    [MOC] White-Faced Capuchin

    Ok. First time I look in this section of the forum and the first thing I see is this build. Gets me wondering why I didn't look before. This is great!
  5. Boindil Lego

    Watchtower on the road

    Wow very nice build. I love all the details and the vegetation is great!
  6. Boindil Lego

    [MOC] Moria Miner

    Haha very cool! Something completely different. I like it!
  7. Boindil Lego

    Clay Pit

    Very cool build. I love all the detail and clever NPU's. Well done!
  8. Boindil Lego

    [MOC] Dungeon

    Really nice angles. They fit perfectly!
  9. Boindil Lego

    My Firebreathing fortress (MOC)

    Very nice build!
  10. Boindil Lego

    [MOC] Certissa castle block

    Nice build! The roofs are not that bad. One piece of advise: don`t put all the animals right on the studs. If you put them in different directions it make it look more alive. You already done that with the minifigs.
  11. Boindil Lego

    [MOC] Exploring Enemy Territory

    Nice little build. The rogue is an excellent choice for a favorite!
  12. Boindil Lego

    The Chapel of Lindisfarne

    Very cool build!
  13. Boindil Lego

    Dwarven Mine

    A great miniscale!
  14. Boindil Lego

    [MOC] Cathedral

    Wauw... just wauw! What a great build. I especially like the last picture where you can see the reflection of the window on the floor. Makes it look so real. Not sure about the colored minifigs thought. But the rest is great. I don't think it's a problem that the walls don't have other colours in it. Makes it look new.