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  1. drummerdad

    [HELP] Open vs Locked Differential

    Im not sure if its possible with legos, but in the automotive world they make a torque biasing differential. It allows slip when turning, but when max torque is applied, it essentially locks the diff. It might not be ideal for what you are looking at, but it is an option.
  2. Please forgive a newbie if this has been covered extensively. I bought a large lot of legos locally this week, and it included an NXT 2.0 kit, possibly the 8547 set (not sure if its complete), although I didnt get any instructions or boxes. I bought the lot because it had the NXT programmer and the sensors, motors wires and such, and included a few star wars sets and the 9396 technic helicopter, which doesnt appear to be complete. It seemed like a good deal. The problem is, I have never had any of the mindstorm sets, and Im a bit of luddite. I seem to have trouble with technology computers especially, and this seems to be carrying on the tradition. So, please help an old man out, and help me with this. I tried to download the free program from Lego for the NXT, but it was unsuccessful. I downloaded something, but it doesnt work. I also downloaded the EV3 program on my chromebook because its supposed to be backwards compatible, but it wont connect to the NXT brick. I turned on the bluetooth (on the brick I got the BT icon) on the brick and my chromebook says it connected, but I cant make them communicate. I know it works, because the previous owner had a file in it, but it was just making the motors turn I deleted it when trying to program it. Is there a simpler program to use? Is the EV3 compatible with the NXT? Do I have to use bluetooth, or can I use a USB? Should I use the chromebook, or is it easier on a windows computer? I would really like to learn to use this. Okay, so Im not completely stupid. I watched a video and learned how to program from the brick. Simple for sure, but its a start. I guess my problem now is the software issue. I also tried an app on my samsung phone, but the brick kept saying the line was busy. That was the main complaint about the app. Not sure if its the phone or the brick.
  3. drummerdad

    Technic figures

    Since I got my first set with the technic figures, I have always liked them. Recently getting back into Lego as a hobby, I find myself fascinated with them. As most of you know, they are discontinued and certainly dont have the following of the minifigs. I am still interested in them, especially custom 3d printed ones. Is there anyone making custom technic figure parts? I searched yesterday for awhile, and it was mainly just minifig stuff, which is cool, but I want the technic sized figures. I have a friend at work who says he will model some things for me in autocad, and Im sure we could get them printed at shapeways. Is there already a source?
  4. drummerdad

    New guy from US

    Yes. Its a silly name I came up with many years ago when first introduced to the internet, and it stuck. Easy to remember, and usually its not used...unless you go to a drummer forum.
  5. drummerdad

    New guy from US

    Hello. New guy from the U.S. East Tennessee more specifically. Ive been into Lego since I got my first kit, the technic bulldozer, 856-1 (I think). Ive loved them ever since. I currently have a growing collection, mostly technic. I look forward to learning. Im starting to get into making MOCs. I used to do it a lot when I had just a few small sets. Then I just built the models and left them for display. Now Im getting back into them, and want to make some custom stuff.