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  1. https://brickset.com/article/84185/lego-ideas-review-results-four-approved-projects! looks great, but wonder how wide it will be in the actual release. Hopefully this will be fully motorized
  2. koraldon

    Track suggestions

    Not familiar with the switchs, but Iโ€™m very happy with my trixbrix injection molded straights S32 and curved R56
  3. Mainly looking for review of the new passenger set, but no written review I can find on my usual Lego sites โ˜น๏ธ Do you have a recommended video review?
  4. koraldon

    Where are the reviews for the new sets?

    Thanks @Dario ๐Ÿ‘
  5. I saw the new R56 curves from trixbrix and would love to hear what people think about them ๐Ÿ˜‰ background- I have a couple of lego trains (60197 and motorized hog warts express) and bought a few extra packs of tracks. The builds are in the living room with the kids, staying up for a couple of days every couple of months. The R56 look tempting as the R40 are speed-limited and donโ€™t look good. Larger radii tracks seem too big for my living room. As this is my first foray out of regular train parts, would love to hear opinions about trixbrix R56 - the pricing is more than reasonable, 25$ for half a circle. Thanks ๐Ÿ™
  6. Looks nice, but the added train and brick track seems superfluous - Just adding to the piece count, pretty sure most AFOL who will get this have enough trains as is.
  7. @Black Knight Thanks for the detailed response, this is the kind of hands-on information that I was looking for. Would love to see a review comparing all three. I will check the prices for bluebrixx as well. edit - Well bluebrixx is cheaper, but the site is full of copycat lego sets
  8. Thanks for all the feedback. due to shipping the bricktracks are more expensive by ~50% (some of it since they are above the import tax threshold while trixbrix is just under it) This is the reason I asked about trixbrix, as bricktracks is just too expensive for my budget. p.s. I assume there is zero chance of lego producing those types of tracks...
  9. I have seen the leaks about the ninjago gardens coming next year and it piqued my interest to get the ninjago city/docks sets. However, I see those sets are sold out. Does it make sense that ninjago gardens will a "stand-alone" set, or is it likely that Lego will re-release city/dock sets to accompany it?
  10. koraldon

    Powered Up Handheld Remote Control

    I played around with the coding section and it is cool, my kids seem to realliy like it :) However, I find that in order to switch a hub, I have to do it manually. Even if there is A/B/C/D selection in the coding of the app, it only seems to respond to A. Do I need to rename my hubs or anything?
  11. koraldon

    Powered Up Handheld Remote Control

    So how do I make it a controller for two hubs? I cannot seem to find a way to control multiple trains at the same time. Is it by using the coding section? anyone has a guide/explnation? Thanks.
  12. I have just motorized my hogwarts express to join my city passenger rail and I have tried to control both of them via the powered up app. It seems to recognize both hubs (which I have given different names to) from the app, but it seems unable to switch between them. Did anyone had success with it? Or is the multiple hub support not for trains?