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  1. 3 hours ago, Lyichir said:

    I tend to like 6-stud wide for a lot of mid-size vehicles since it helps to make cars bigger than smaller vehicles like forklifts, or go-karts like the ones in your avatar, while still fitting in 8-wide road lanes/garages/etc. 4-wide is good for some things but doesn't allow a lot of room for passengers, cargo or very much detail in general.

    Bro! I didn't say 4 stud wide should be a thing for all vehicles. Just the cars. :hmpf_bad:

    2 hours ago, TeriXeri said:

    As for City experimenting with 8 wides, the 2017 Police Truck works well as 8 wide, lots of room in there, without stickers, would easily be just a regular cargo truck, and the car transport needs the 8 wide to fit 6 wides.

    I'm pretty sure that one was a 6-stud wide. I have the set. 

  2. 2 hours ago, Aanchir said:

    I mean, while big 8-wide vehicles can be tricky to use with road plates (especially for making turns at intersections), that also applies to several other vehicles from recent years like 60305, 60324 (which came with a road plate itself), 60357, and 60374. So this set's not too much of a departure from the norm in that regard, just one of several City sets that push the boundaries a bit in terms of scale.

    With that being said, they should bring 4 stud wide back for automobiles especially. Don't get me.wrong, i commend City for trying the 6 stud wide thing as it allows more detail. But we've got Speed Champions now for that. So I think 6-8 stud wide autos should be a Speed Champions thing. City should go back to 4 stud wide autos. Trucks and buses I can understand being 6 stud wide. Just not for civilian vehicles, cop cars and taxis. I only collect the older City cars because of that. I plan to get City set 4207 so I can snag the cars in that set. 

  3. 8 hours ago, Aanchir said:

    On a separate note, one bit of disappointment I have with this wave of City sets is that there's no sets featuring either the road system we've seen over the past few years or the customization-friendly modular building system we saw so much of this year. But I figure that's partly just because the January wave is so vehicle-heavy (and many of the permanent structures like the Prison Island and Crooks' Hideout are remote/isolated with no connections to the rest of town by land). Hopefully just like this year, there will be plenty of both systems in the summer wave!

    Along with what @TeriXeri said, some of the vehicles may also be too big for the road plates as well such as the mobile unit. I don't really like how they executed that one as it looks like something made by Hotwheels compared to a Lego City set. 

  4. So I saw the back of the burger truck box. Turns out the serving area on the truck can be removed to make a stationary burger joint. That's kinda neat and pretty clever. 


  5. The City sets I'm getting for 2024 are:

    • Burger Truck
    • Go Karts 
    • Road Roller 
    • Sailboat

    I may get the fire station just to have the fire truck as my town already has a fire station. 

    On 12/9/2023 at 3:27 PM, Lyichir said:

    So a neat thing @Aanchir and I noticed yesterday when looking at pictures of the fire station set is that the figs have some nice variety—you have one firefighter still in his pajamas, one wearing just a t-shirt and suspenders, one with their jacket on over the same t-shirt (but with the jacket unzipped), and two in the full uniform (one with a red collar and one with a black collar). It's a neat way to offer some variety for the fire squad, including both on-duty and off-duty firefighters with a consistent uniform style.

    Yes! I actually like those. If I do get the fire station, I may actually keep those along with the fire truck that comes with it. 

  6. 3 minutes ago, a guy from somewhere said:

    Space sets are now up on UK prices are (inter)stellar! Can’t wait to pick up some of the smaller sets. It’s a shame the massive command Rover doesn’t do anything though, it’s just a big tank. 

    I saw the sets on the US site. I'm not gonna lie, they want too much for that space base set.

  7. 22 minutes ago, cosmic said:

    Not a huge fan of this wave but I love that Prison Island. Our first Prison Island was nice at first glance but upon revisiting images it did have a very black and white color scheme. This new set incorporates browns and blues in a way that feels organic and cohesive. The interior gives a lot to work with and I noticed some of the inmates appear as criminals in other sets throughout the wave which is very exciting to see. Very nice detail to have included. Overall an amazing set but quite literally the only one that piqued my interest with this leak.


    I'm going to be very honest here, I am not a fan of Lego City going to space in the way that it is doing it. City has always been a pragmatic and realistic theme grounded in relatable figure designs and builds. I somewhat appreciate the experimental venture to try and do something utopian or conceptual like running into life on mars. But this type of material has been conventionally reserve for separate space themes, while City kept a focus on the mundane if you will. I guess I don't mind and I can look the other way for this wave, but moving forward I hope they reserve alien life and "Space Force" machinery concepts to sci fi Space themes and keep to rockets, satellites and other realistic source material for the City theme. What's even weirder is seeing the Friends figures in space. That was actually quite comical.

    Also, we haven't had an original Space theme in some time so that would have been nice. I'm also just not feeling these sets in general? We had a Rocket launch center and Moon base a few summers back and those sets were amazing. I was hoping moving forward we'd revisit farm material, go into some city architecture or even delve into cultural architecture and do city sub themes for different countries. That would be cool to get a Spain based wave, then a NYC based wave, then a Dubai based wave for example. But aliens and space force? it's a bit much for me.


    So that was a lot, but that basically explains my perspective on this winter wave. The only brightside to this wave in my opinion would probably be the fire station and the racing car sets. I'm not really a fan of the space wave either. I think my wallet is going to be okay this winter. 

  8. 1 hour ago, danimarroquin said:

    Ok either CITY needs to step up their game or transfer some Friends designers to CITY ! 
    This set  it’s fantastic and friends keeps raising the bar on their sets , I really wish they would make a mansion like so complete in the city line .

    seems that friends has no budget and no limits for their sets , compared to city that always try to keep it on  only 1 set every 2 years above 150 dollars. 

    Seems like City took influence from Hot Wheels. But yeah, City could definition use some tutelage from Friends. 

  9. 4 hours ago, lightningtiger said:

    Sail boat is totally on my shopping list as to the go carts, burger truck and road roller.

    Bro! I'm definitely getting the burger truck and go karts! I'm doing that on release day too! 

  10. I'm only getting four sets from the winter wave and that's the go karts, burger truck, road roller and prison island. Maybe the sailboat. 

  11. 21 hours ago, Lion King said:

    I will declare an alien invasion on your town…. Lol I just don’t care how realistic my city is, I throw dinosaurs in it, I throw ghosts in it, I throw ninjas in it, now i will throw aliens and robots in it!

    Being a car lover, I've got to say that along with the burger truck, my favorite sets are the racing sets. Sorry, @Lion King, they aren't 2k Drive. They're just generic racing sets. So you've lost the bet. Where's my money?

    Just kidding.....

  12. 10 minutes ago, LCP said:

    I saw those and I actually think those are nice. I love the new martian molds too! Glad those minifigures are actual spacemen and not aliens. However, I'm going to pass this entire lineup up as my town is based on reality and logic. But those are good for little children though. I can tell for some of those sets, they got influence from the Lightyear movie! 

  13. 4 hours ago, MAB said:

    LEGO are not representing all Mexicans when they do that. This guy, ...


    He is not meant to represent all Mexicans. He is a person dressed as a Mariachi, just like these guys. 


    That does not mean all Mexicans dress that way.

    These guys could also be Mexican,

    col203.png col047.png

    as could many others. They could of course be from any country, as could many other minifigures. They just happen to be dressed as a carpenter and a baseball player, like the other figure is dressed in a traditional Mariachi outfit. The only way you would definitely know they were Mexican is if LEGO added enough stereotypical accessories to point to them being Mexican. Take away all the stereotypical clothing and accessories of anyone and they are just an anonymous person.

    There are many other minifigures in stereotypical national or regional dress from around the world. There is a danger that if people complain that a figure is too stereotypical and not representing a whole population, those sort of figures would not be produced in future. Would we be any better off losing this type of figure in favour of much plainer figures?



    I agree! I actually like that perspective. 

  14. 7 hours ago, a guy from somewhere said:

    I don’t think it’s too bad personally, although I don’t particularly like it as a banner, but it makes sense to tie together all the space stuff coming this year. 

    The banner doesn't bother me much either. Instead of making an entire NASA theme, Lego splits it into various Lego themes such as City and Technic. The banner just shows that said sets are licensed by NASA. That's all! Just like if they were do a COPS banner for Police sets or a US Coast Guard, Marines or Navy banner for any Nautical themed sets. 

  15. 39 minutes ago, a guy from somewhere said:

    Nothing yet, although this week should be the reveal week. I did ask one leaker (I won’t reveal the name on the off chance they don’t want to be mentioned, inner leaking circle is a death trap sometimes) but I asked when we could expect to see the space sets revealed and they said the weekend, so I’m eagerly awaiting that now. 

    I can't wait to see the pics. Then me and several other people can have the fun of criticizing them. :laugh_hard: