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  1. I know this topic is at least 5 years old, but allow me to give an idea.

    Lego City Metropolitan Transit Authority (or MTA Lego City for short)

    I actually got the idea for names based off of actual transit systems in America. There is MTA Maryland, MTA New York, MTA Los Angelas, you name it. I figured I'd take that idea and include it in the Lego universe as well. Though I will be honest and say that its not likely to stick due to MTA being an American thing and Lego being a European company. 

  2. 13 hours ago, TeriXeri said:

    Recently built Burger Truck that was my first encounter with Paper bags.

    Then I built the Interstellar Spaceship, which had Plastic bags, but also 2 pages of instruction were somehow partly glued together (still readable after seperation as the small areas of page damage was only on the background blue) but first time I've seen something like that.

    Oh wow! I still got the plastic bags for the box that my burger truck came in. 

  3. I know someone who has the GSR version and its in presitine condition - showing no signs of aging. He actually added some modifications to the engine recently and it can move I tell ya. Your MOC of the Integra  DA5 looks amazing dude. I personally would've chosen white wheels instead of black ones just for accuracy's sake. But I see why you used the black ones as this was a rebuilt of the Supra. I also love how you got the front just right as well. Great Job! 


  4. Lego Island was an amazing video game saga as it was the main influence behind me becoming a Lego town builder. In fact, my Lego town is based off of the game. Its toy line (Island Xtreme Stunts) may not have been very popular, but its clearly had an influence on City sets before Lego City Adventures became a thing. A criminal similar to The Brickster is seen in the police sets from 2013 and 2014, along with an officer similar to Nick Brick in the 60047 Police Station. Characters similar to Mama and Papa Brickolini are shown in the pizzeria builds in sets 7641 and 60026 along with 60150. The Hidden Side line features a character named Ronny, who wears attire similar to Pepper's. Even supporting characters like Nubby Stevens, Red Greenbase and Ed Mail show up in various sets such as 7638, 7731, 60132 and 60223. Lego Island has done a number on the minds of the people at Lego. 

    All the same, that's an awesome MOC of the pizzeria. I actually admire how you made it there, especially the added details in the kitchen area - which you didn't see much of in the game. Please mention me when you post about the gas station. That one was my favorite place and Nubby was my favorite character. 

  5. 9 hours ago, TeriXeri said:

    Harbour and some Construction sets were on my prediction list, and it's nice to see it actually happen.
    Also the last City magazine comic had a big yellow crane, so maybe it'll look a bit like that , with those X shaped latticework panels, 6 wide, or those 2x2 pillars. (also interestingly had a Knight Statue that was being moved/destroyed, so I wonder if that's in the set for a crane to move)

    Yeah it looks like you've won the bet! You get bragging rights for that one. :wink:

    I never even predicted harbor or construction would be a thing in City like that ever again. Also, my wish has partly come true for some emphasis on the public transit system with the tram and tourist bus. I'm just glad that this wave doesn't seem to promote one thing over the over. Its like they're co-existing with each other. I may look at some of the jungle sets, but given that we've seen loads of explorers sets before, they just don't stand out to me like they used to. 

    9 hours ago, TeriXeri said:

    Those mini sets remind me a lot of the Town days and as such I don't mind the builds being smaller and simpler at all, even tho overall the boxed sets offer more value most of the time ( but I don't like 60391: Construction Trucks and Wrecking Ball Crane )

    Very true! Sadly, I don't think we get the foil packs in the states. If that were the case, I'd be getting them left and right. It would be nice for some nostalgia to have a small construction crew built up of small construction machines. 

  6. 14 minutes ago, Classic_Spaceman said:

    60407 Tourist Bus / $29.99 
    60408 Sports Car Transporter / $79.99 
    60409 Construction Crane / $109.99 
    60420 Heavy Duty Excavator / $49.99 
    60421 Robot World Rollercoaster / $79.99 
    60422 Seaside Harbour with Cargo Ship / $109.99 
    60423 Tram and Station / $79.99 
    60424 Jungle Quadbike and Red Panda / $9.99 
    60435 Jungle Explorer Plane / $19.99 
    60426 Jungle Explorer Off-Road Vehicle / $29.99 
    60435 Tow Truck & Sports Car 4+ / $24.99 
    60437 Jungle Helicopter & Explorer Base / $99.99 
    60439 Space Science Laboratory / $34.99 

    Likes the public transit system is gonna get some love this summer. 

  7. 8 hours ago, Lion King said:

    Yeah, well, inuding us too.The release for summer wave is August in USA while City sets are available in June. 

    Not pretty fair, is it?

    I mean, I WANT NEW ANIMALS TO BE VAIALBE IN USA IN JUNE! Ahem, sorry about me shouting. I was shouting at TLG. 

    I agree! It's not fair! I do hope we see summer sets in June. With the new plant in VA (I live in VA btw), we should get sets earlier this summer. 

  8. 45 minutes ago, Lion King said:

    I wonder…since we have a new facility in Richmond, VA. I wonder if we will see summer sets at the same time as Europe, like June?

    That depends on when people in the US wish to see them.  

  9. 4 hours ago, TeriXeri said:

    Yeah I do hope more of the sets with 8x8 and 8x16 modules, so far sets like the Fire Station or Prison Island took another approach, but I hope there will be some more structures that are compatible with Downtown/Appartment building and such.

    So far no new sets this year have either of those 2-plate high road plates, studded and non studded variants.

    They are still in production for 2023 sets, and the road plates expansion set is still sold as well, so I think LEGO just wants to sell current product first before overflooding the market. (the Family House did retire rather quick only 6 months after release however).

    The 2023 module sets are at quite high price points too (but imo still nicer compared to 2020 Main Square or 2021 Shopping Street for buildings, as a large chunk of those sets went into vehicles, making the buildings secondary and lacking).


    YES!!!!! I have the downtown and ice cream shop sets and imo, those are literally the greatest City sets I have acquired since the grocery store! Almost the entire set is building with a bike or scooter here and there. I plan to get the apartment soon too. I actually like the 2023 town sets. However, if they make a post office set, they will HAVE to include a mail van. I hope for those modules too. 

    Yeah, I think road plates with buildings is being phased out. Now they're just selling buildable road plates like they did with the old road baseplates: separate from the buildings. 

    Still have yet to get the family house. Hopefully not all are sold out at stores yet. If so, I'll just order one online. I need a few of those for my town. 

    Now the 2023 town sets for summer are high priced, but it's worth it. Like downtown, it's rightfully $200. Have you seen how big that set is? I actually have it in my room and it's taller than my computer monitor. It acts as a shopping mall in my town. The only reason I got main square and shoping street was for the buildings. The other features, except the limo from 60271, I use as spare pieces. 

    I agree with you 100%. 

  10. 1 hour ago, TeriXeri said:

    There are other gaps in the City range for this year :

    • 60407-60409 (3 numbers)
    • 60416 (wanted poster in Polybag) 
    • 60420-60427 (8 numbers)
    • 60435-60437 (3 numbers)

    I hope some of those are civilian sets, which I really love the civilian sets. I also hope one is a post office. I've been screaming for one of those for City since they discontinued 7731 after 2010. 

  11. 24 minutes ago, TeriXeri said:

    Yeah the €20 / $20 sets are really good this year , amazing medical helicopter that's one of the best minifig helicopters ever, then this burger truck has all prints and can hold other cargo, and the interstellar spaceship and 4+ space set come at this price as well, the Police Car chase comes with 2 nice vehicles as well.

    Even the 4+ City Ambulance isn't terrible , not as nice as other years ambulances, but still a better 2024 set compared to the Friends ambulance (which cost $35/€35 which I take into account)


    I would've gotten the ambulance sets, but the thing that I don't like the colors as they are too specific to the ambulances found in the UK. At least with the red, white and blue look, it left more ends opened as far as imagination was concerned. I do still have the hospital building from 2022 as I adored that one. 

    11 hours ago, legoturtle said:

    Review (Prison Island)

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    I actually looked at the review for that set and I must say it actually doesn't look half bad. I may actually get it just for the sake of having a decent looking corrections facility in my town. This building looks just fine. The one from 2016 was good too. But this one just looks more realistic. You know, with the brown stilts to represent bricks. Like this is NOT supposed to be a place of luxury. This is a place where bad guys go. So I give it a 9.5/10. 

  12. So guys! I just got the go karts, road roller and burger truck. Built the go karts and I've got to say that for a small set, it adds a lot of value to my town's story. 

  13. 1 hour ago, Lyichir said:

    City sets are generally pretty great at segmenting their builds, including often having multiple instruction booklets so multiple builders can work on different sections simultaneously. It's an understated aspect of the theme that, combined with the generally simple builds/lower age grades, helps make them really nice for families to build together.

    Yeah! Its obvious that Lego is trying to do a more family-oriented type of setting for the City theme. That includes making the sets to where families can build them together. To keep it on topic, the space station set only proves that even more. I may not have plans to get the set, but that doesn't mean that other people don't. I hope whoever buys the set enjoys it. 

  14. On 12/23/2023 at 12:36 AM, legoturtle said:

    2_897103-3500x3500.jpegHave you noticed this image...? If you put that FOOD-module on top. It will leave space for 1 more module. I think space station looks a lot more interesting that way.


    I don't speak for anyone else, but I actually kinda like the way that set builds. It builds section by section like the Downtown and Apartment Building sets. 

  15. 19 minutes ago, Autumn said:

    I think I might agree with some people who say it was from 78 up until around 99, though there will always be some bias based on when someone grew up with Lego, which for me was the early 00s and I had a lot of older sets from my older siblings. Everything seemed to have changed around that time, with Lego picking up licenses for the first time which has affected original themes since, curved pieces (especially slopes and wedges which were extremely prevalent back then), phasing out and replacing colours, Bionicle and its impact on the brand. Aesthetically it has become increasingly detailed since then and less "blocky."

    Yeah! I grew up during the late 90s and early 2000s and I remember Lego being a bit different. For example, the town related sets. The explorers related sets were, while they were still under town, they were marketed as subsidiaries of the town theme as opposed to being under the town theme outright. This kinda allowed us to see them as being different areas and lands that took place in the same universe as Town and were canon to Town. Such themes were Space Port (1999, 2011-present), Arctic (2000-2004, 2014-present), Divers (1997-1998, 2015-present), Outback (replaced by Jungle), Extreme Team (which is now Stuntz) and my two personal favorites......Res Q (1998-1999) and Paradisa (1992-1997). Sadly Paradisa was replaced by the Friends theme and Space has turned from realistic space flight programs to something you'd see in science fiction. So you can say that I'm one of those who bases the golden age on the sets I grew up with. 

  16. 2 hours ago, Lion King said:

    I don’t mind Jungle but I want a Forest subtheme becuase it has a lot of animals, such as wolves, moose, fawn, fox, skunk (only seen in CMF), baby skunk, baby fox, and more!

    We have bear cub this year so I suspect they would recolor it as black or grizzly bear cub.

    I really want a wolf mold. 

  17. 5 hours ago, Klaus-Dieter said:

    Thank you very much for the information! :classic:

    I'm disappointed that summer will see again the Jungle theme. Why? Because 1. there are still so many, never before in the City theme done subthemes (forest, mountains, Outback, ...) and 2. if Jungle again, I very likely will be only interested in new animals, but for sure there won't be (m)any big new animal moulds. :sadnew:

    Hopefully, we'll see some civilian sets in summer, too, like some new shops. And a decent construction site would be nice, too. Plus for years and years I'm hoping for a new (container) harbor.

    No problem. 

    DUDE!!!!!! I have been screaming for a Forest Exploration subtheme since it became clear to me in 2019 that this would be a thing. My idea of the primary goal of the forest exploration subtheme would be to explore the ancient castle ruins just outside the city, finding valueables in the process as all City explorers themes seem to showcase. Animal molds would vary from bears, deer and wolves (eat your heart out @Lion King). 

    As far as civilian sets are concerned, given City's past dealings, civilian sets are almost always guaranteed. So I believe we'll definitely see some this summer. 

  18. 8 hours ago, Aanchir said:

    To be honest I have no problem with the City theme's current mix of 4-wide and 6-wide for cars, since it helps to differentiate compact and subcompact cars (like the ones in 60347 or 60398) from larger full-size sedans, high-performance cars, and luxury cars (like those in 60383 and 60415). No reason that all LEGO City cars need to have the same wheelbase width when their real-life equivalents vary so much!

    I accept your opinion. I'm only saying what I'm saying because Lego has shown that they were able to make different types of vehicles before while only using a four stud wide base. Along with the examples you have given for subcompact and compact vehicles like the ones from 60347 and 60398, there has been portrayals of high performance cars on the four stud wide scale as well. Set 3648 had both a civilian sports car that reminds me of the Shelby Cobra and even a Ford Mustang-ish pursuit car. You also forgot to mention the mini van from set 4207, which I plan to acquire. 7642 also showed a pickup truck. So I think four stud wide for cars is good enough. We've also gotten limos on the 4 stud wide scale in sets 3222, 60102 and 60271. There were also electric vehicles (as you have already stated). There was also a Corvette Stingray lookalike in a 2023 police chase set I believe. I think a set from the classic era with Sam Sinister also featured a hot rod, which was prominent in the second Lego Island game. So..... I guess we'll have to just agree to disagree here.

    But this is actually a pretty good discussion here. I think 4 stud wide vs. 6 stud wide vs 8 stud wide deserves its own topic. 

  19. @TeriXeri I just don't agree with 8 stud wide road vehicles being a City thing though. 4 stud wide for civilian vehicles and 6 stud wide for trucks and buses. 8 stud wide should be reserved for heavy machinery like the mobile crane from 2022 or the jumbo jet from this past fall.