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  1. @TeriXeri Don't forget. This year's fire station also has two berths; one for the cherry picker that comes with the set and the other one which is just the right size for the 4x4 fire truck of this year. 

    There is also the water-based prison island sets which connect the dots. 

  2. 6 hours ago, TeriXeri said:
    7 hours ago, williejm said:


    Combine is just a way the newer City design works, as an incentive to sell more sets, and give a reason to collect more.

    Ikr! I think they should do that more often. 

  3. 5 minutes ago, Fenghuang0296 said:

    Pictures of the Space Science Lab are officially out and I love it! It’s like a terrarium! It’s gorgeous! And they’ve finally, on their third try, done a building with two airlocks, so that we can actually attach it to the City and Friends bases as an expansion! Definitely getting this!;utm_medium=email&amp;utm_campaign=NEW VIP PRE-ORDER SETS <AU>02.03.24 (01HQW31M2EC2NRTSZN2G0YG8F3)&amp;_kx=0N9rxmExFA0eGmVsA3dCJEJkGcskkYCwbpM4kppZlrDxfItMLcV2GwwXtNcro4Ao.UYvNsm

    There is a little alien who’s been recruited and given his own little space suit, it’s adorable! And a disabled spaceman with a hover bike that’s built to accomodate his wheelchair? Weird but interesting!

    Yeah! I saw pictures of that set and to be honest, I'm actually impressed. I think I may actually buy that one and use it as a regular science lab in my town instead of it being space oriented. 

  4. 7 hours ago, karrit said:

    The August release of City sets has nothing to do with production issues.  It's been reported numerous times that the US retailers want the new merchandise to arrive later in the year to boost sales for the Holiday season which normally ramps up after Back to School sales.  Unless that changes I don't think we will ever see the City sets release in May or June here frustrating as that may be to us AFOLs.  

    Why isn't that a thing in Europe tho? That would make sense in any country that celebrates the holidays. 

  5. 2 hours ago, thminigab2 said:

    i hope we will get lego city pictures soon(i mean april release)

    We should get them in early to mid-May depending on when they will be released. I already know they won't be coming to the states until August so I'm bracing myself for that. That's at least the case for the sets that are good. The lame ones will likely be in June. But Europe and other countries get all City sets in June. 

  6. 3 hours ago, TeriXeri said:

    It's still quite a large building, and 60364: Street Skate Park wasn't small either.

    Yes it's a very large building, but there weren't any vehicles, except for the wheelchair that the old lady was in. I can say the same about downtown and the ice cream shop. The lack of vehicles (which I think is a good thing for sets like this) automatically puts those sets at least 50 USD below their asking price. If it were up to me, the downtown set wouldn't exceed $79.99 USD and the apartment would only cost what? $49.99. Ice cream shop was fairly priced so I won't mess with that one. .


    3 hours ago, TeriXeri said:

    Yeah that set is good, but definately not a $95 / €85 set at full price, with some color swaps it can also serve as expansions for a Police / Fire / Medical building (replace the bottom green rows on the floors with windows with like blue or red), or easily converted interior to whatever (Office / Bank / TV building or something)

    Dude, I'd love to see someone do that. I have yet to find a video of that actually happening. I'm intrigued to see how it plays out. 

  7. On 2/19/2024 at 3:21 PM, TeriXeri said:

    Surely LEGO would've added a few more window pieces already in the set if they meant it to be fully closed up, same goes for the appartment building and other recent sets, I think the open sides are meant to allow access, especially in those smaller 8x8 sections, as most of the 8x16 sections in those City sets have plenty of space from just the back to access with kid hands + this is a prison set, so more escape routes isn't a bad thing.

    Speaking of the apartmtent building set, not too long after acquiring the prison island set, I got the apartment building set at a department store on clearance. Like I ended up only paying $50 for that set, which imo, should've been the original asking price. 

  8. 3 hours ago, Lion King said:

    And whats yout thought on this set?

    Dude! I love that set. My town is based off of the Lego Island saga so this set actually fits perfectly for a modern day version of the prison from the first game. 

    2 hours ago, TeriXeri said:

    It's a cool set, I don't have it yet , or the old prison island, but I think it has a lot of potential, especially with 2 sets to make a full island (with some mods so it's just not plain mirrored) , but even just with 1 set, I think it's nice, but there's a lot of room to work with for interior as the washing room is quite empty.

    It has its flaws, but like you said, those are really just minor flaws like the wash room. The building and interior of the building is nice though. 

  9. On 2/15/2024 at 12:11 PM, thminigab2 said:

    ifwe realize, lego shoul've got articulated piece, because their style of trams in lego city sets are typical modern trams, which use articulation piece, i think that lego will mkae articulated iece in 2024 summer and it will be included in tram set

    I'm surprised Lego hasn't done one of those yet. I'd buy a few of those if they did. 

  10. On 2/15/2024 at 10:36 AM, TeriXeri said:

    Maybe this part 35464.jpg + a few 1x1 plates? at least as temporary solution.

    Yeah! At least until they make one that the minifigs can hold in their hands. 

  11. 29 minutes ago, TeriXeri said:

    I got a  bunch of Town cars from like 80s-90s, and it's funny I keep seeing the old 4 wide town fender piece used in newer sets (altho this is a slightly more modern piece with the hole in it), but not as actual car fenders, I got like 16 of them in black but only used in an actual small car from a 2017 set, and the rest are used as internal parts


    Nice! There should be an anniversary trend for certain pieces. Because I also noticed that some pieces that were used for classic town are still being used today. 

  12. 19 minutes ago, TeriXeri said:

    Oh I understand, City had tons of 4 wide cars , especially before 2018, and it was rare to see any regular car 6 wide before 2016, mainly just trucks, bus, or SUV type of cars.

    So if someone has a lot of cars from older City, I can understand majority of collection of regular cars will probably be 4 wide cars, 6 wide vans and trucks and some large jeep once in a while.

    It's not like 4 wide cars are gone, but there were times where 4 wide cars were basicly the norm, with some exceptions here and there, like looking at just standard police cars, they were pretty much all 4 wide until 2016, unless it was like a truck, dog van, or humvee or something.


    I started collecting City during its HEY days - lame pun intended. That was back when even some police, fire and medical vehicles were 4 stud wide. I still have those. But they're in pieces right now. 

  13. Did someone say.......Johnny Thunder? Hey, is Dr. Kilroy, Pippin Reed and Sam Sinister going to be there too? 

    2 hours ago, jonwil said:

    Bought the new jail yesterday, its a great set and has some nice parts. I especially love the new chain-link fence part and the part they are using as razor wire (which I don't think is new, just new in that color)


    I plan to get that one. Initially. I only planned to get the go karts, burger truck and road roller - which I have all three. But after seeing a review, I decided to get prison island too. 

  14. 10 hours ago, Pirate_King_1982 said:

    I actually prefer six wide vehicles. So much so I’m looking into how to modify the very few four wide cars into six wide cars.

    I say that only for automobiles. Trucks are buses stay six stud wide. 

  15. 1 hour ago, brimbolet said:

    I see no sense in buying Speed Champions (even as a gift for kids) anymore. Not every shape is recognizable and they rely too heavily on stickers. Bburago cars are far better and even cheaper.

    That's why I think City should go back to doing the 4 stud wide thing for automobiles. They used to do so well. I've seen compacts, sports cars, roadsters, SUVs, police cars and limos done from 4 studs by Lego. I think with the 4207 garage, they did a minivan build along with an ambulance in the 2012 hospital set. 

  16. 2 hours ago, Murdoch17 said:

    correct. They don't sell the Magazines with the packs here. They never have.

    That's what I said. I remember saying that when I was trying to look for City magazine. They sell every type of Lego magazine in the US except for the City one. Which is unfair in my opinion. 

  17. 13 hours ago, strangely said:

    It's not completely finished yet, but I think the exterior is close to final.


    I decided to forgo the more modern looking gas pumps and use the more retro inspired design from the Corner Garage set. The rest of the building I kept pretty similar to the original design.

    I'm going to work on the garage interior next (I have a decent idea of what I want it to look like), but I'm unsure about what I want to put in the store part of the gas station. I originally thought about making it more of a convenience store, but I think that clashes with the Super Store too much (for so few residents it doesn't make sense to have so many food options). So I'm thinking about making it into an automotive supply shop.



    Since my first post I've been working a bit more on the landscaping rather than the buildings. Nubby's is about 60-70% done and the Information Center is about 50% there (I keep going back and forth on how to do the tower, with the new elevator system introduced last year I tried to incorporate it into the build, but it pretty much ate up most of the floor space so I think I'm going to go back to the drawing board on that). I've been busy with work, so progress is slow, but I think the East side of the island is coming along nicely. I've hit 10K on pieces and is still chugging along.

    That gas station is righteous dude. I actually admire the retro look of the pumps, but I also love how you utilized the new double door piece for the entrance. Assuming that's what it is, I also love how you put the garage door from the tuning workshop to indicate a workspace for Nubby. Personaly, I think a small convenience store is good for citizens who are on the go and don't have time to stop for groceries. Like the police or paramedics.