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  1. 2 hours ago, TeriXeri said:

    Also recent years have better focus on buildings and vehicles being seperate sets most of the time, I'm a big supporter of selling buildings and vehicles seperately, especially for basic things like a bus, tram, or main street/downtown type of set.

    DUDE!!!!! I was psyched when I saw the pictures of the tour bus. When I heard there was tour bus set, I was like...."Nah! It'll just be a way of selling another town accessory set!". Lo and behold, when the pictures were revealed this past May, it was a standalone bus set - like something that is part of the Great Vehicles lineup, something I have been asking for for ages now. Thanks to that, I now have hope of seeing a standalone bendy bus. To make matters better, the set came to US shelves in June so I was able to get it on release day. I got that set and the ATV, which is the only jungle set I'm buying. Glad Lego made it easy to snag a Johnny Thunder without having to play the CMF game of trying to hunt him down. 

    1 hour ago, Lion King said:

    A new space police subtheme, anone? 

    Could happen! They'll probably do that alongside space. 

    2 hours ago, TeriXeri said:

    As for 2025 sets, they'll probably make new Downtown/Appartment type of sets, as pretty much all of those seem to be retiring at the end of this year (including sets like Ice Cream, Car Wash, Skate Park etc.

    Yeah! Car wash, I got first. That downtown set broke my town budget, but I needed pieces of it (such as the barber shop, comic store and electronics dept. I also got the ice cream shop and the apartment on clearance. I never got the house or the skate park though. I actually wanted to get a few of those small houses to make a neighborhood in my town, but they were so rare AND I was kinda short on money this past year. I'm kinda on a budget as far as my town is concerned. One of my plans was to grab the modular museum, which Johnny Thunder owns in my town. But I'm a little tight on funds. The urban skate park is another piece I wish to add to my town. I only got five sets this year so far; burger truck, go karts, prison island, tour bus and Johnny Thunder's ATV. I plan to get the auto transport for the cars. 

  2. 2 hours ago, Roebuck said:

    Police and fire for 15 of them I guess :tongue:

    .....and the other 5 will be space. :tongue:

    1 hour ago, Classic_Spaceman said:

    Maybe, but LEGO has been doing a good job of expanding out the city part of City lately, so I imagine that we will get some race cars, food trucks, and other civilian vehicles/infrastructure. 
    Considering that construction just got an (excellent!) update in 2HY 2024, I can see some smaller construction vehicles in bright light orange with the new Minifigs showing up in January. Medical is also becoming a staple, so maybe we can get an ambulance (we have yet to get one in the new style as a set unto itself). 
    I would also actually be fine with a bit more police, since we just got a complete redesign of their vehicles and uniforms (more so than fire got), so it is harder to retrofit our existing sets to fit with the new style. 

    ......and we got our first standalone bus, which according to Lego Store workers, sold like Ford Explorers from the 90s. At least that gives me hope to see another one soon. 

  3. 18 hours ago, Lion King said:

    I understand that you want more Space sets in 2025 and I do too. But I don’t think we will see another wave for Space City as we have a lot of cross-theme for Space throughout 2024 so it’s highly unlikely. :/

    So I guess giving Adventurer a spotlight for 2025.

    I dunno. Space and anything that has to do with an animal mold are the sellers with City now. So much so that you'll forget that police even exists. I'm betting that we'll see more space in 2025 along with jungle - or some explorer theme. Of course you've got your police, fire and great vehicles. Yeah I think City is back to to where it was before 2020. 

  4. Just now, Lyichir said:

    8 studs wide. But it feels appropriate for the subject. The previous 2010 version was mostly 6-wide but a similar overall width to the new one if you included the wheelbase and mirrors, whereas this one makes much better use of its scale throughout both for interior space and exterior detail.

    That's understandable. I asked because I'm a town builder so I need to know the width. Right now, 8-stud wide is too big for the vehicle size limit in my town, so I think I'll pass. But its a nice set for kids to play with though, which is obviously the targeted audience. 

  5. 8 minutes ago, Lyichir said:

    Built the new Lego truck set yesterday. Surprising nobody, it's really good. Just a really well-done rendition of a classic subject, with great detail and playability.

    Is it 6 stud wide or 8 stud wide? 

  6. I think the trains subtheme for City needs to be dropped. I'm going to put how I think trains should be distributed through the City theme by quoting my good buddy @Vilhelm22 on what he said in the Ideas For New Lego City Sets forum on page 69 of that forum. 

    "......The trains subtheme in itself shouldn’t be a thing.  Stations and passenger trains should be part of a public transport subtheme (we could easily have enough to make with a couple more sets) whilst cargo trains would be in a cargo subtheme.  Cranes and lorries would be part of this too.

     I feel like beyond the standard trains others could be parts of other subthemes as well.  For a start, fire trains do exist, even if rare.  A maintenance of way (MOW) train could be in the construction subtheme.  A car transporter train could be for some great vehicles type thing.  Circus trains have existed in the past.  Hospital trains also have existed - particularly in wartime - a prime preserved example can be found at the National Railway Museum, York, UK (arguably the best railway museum globally, as trains were basically invented by the British).  RPOs (Railway Post Offices) were big in the USA for years.  Fuel train for Octan.  Even prisoner transport trains exist.  NASA had a train at one stage.

    It’s never going to happen, but a train could easily be added to every subtheme, and the trains theme abolished". 

  7. On 5/30/2024 at 4:58 PM, Lyichir said:

    Seeing reviews and pics of those two construction sets there's so much I like about them... the vehicles themselves really feel like a leap forward for City construction equipment, the reddish orange safety uniforms on the construction workers look great, and even little things like the use of those light bley quarter domes as debris for the excavator to scoop feels generous (since it's a fairly recent, uncommon part to just get as loose debris).

    Took a break from Lego for the month of May and just getting back into it. Those construction vehicles are awesome, but are too big for my town so I don't think I'll be buying any. I agree though, those new uniforms look nice. I may see if I could just get some of those on the Lego website through Bricks and Pieces. 

  8. 2 minutes ago, Lego Nostalgia said:

    The Lego Truck review is on Youtube, the Lego Sets and the panels on the truck are all printed, I think the only stickers are the Hot Dog Stand, Sign and Medkit at the back of the truck

    NICE!!!!!! Its coming to the US in June too! 

  9. On 5/18/2024 at 5:11 PM, Lion King said:

    Yes!!!! That’s pretty good news! Johnny Thunder ATV  and that tour bus are the ones i am chasing after! 

    Thanks for the heads-up!

    No problem! Yup these are release day buys for me too. 


    by the way, are you Brick Boss?

    Yup! That's me! The Island Chronicles is a fanfiction series I made up based off of my favorite Lego game, Lego Island.

  10. Guys guess what? Some of the summer 2024 sets are coming to the US in June, including the bus and Johnny Thunder's ATV - both of which are on my list. I'm so excited. 

  11. That tram is a must have on my list. It is literally in shut up and take my money territory. 

  12. 1 minute ago, lifeinplastic said:

    The tram looks a decent set, although I would have preferred a different colour but this could easily be amended.


    Yeah! I think blue would've looked better. 

  13. 1 hour ago, Salix said:

    I'm loving this new tram and tram stop set. It'll be a nice addition to my collection. :)

    Same here! Though to be honest, I get more vibes from the Toronto Rockets in Canada for this set rather than a tram. 

  14. What I'm most excited about is the fact that the tram actually comes with tracks. $80.00 USD isn't bad for what you seem to get in the set. You get a three piece unit with tracks and two platforms. With that being said, I don't mind paying that much. Once again, US buyers have to wait until August to get their hands on this awesome set. Considering that it has no electronics (no complaints from me), I would consider this as a train booster set/transit system expansion pack to go along with the passenger train and the train station from 2022, which I think were amazing sets to start off a public transit subtheme with.