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  1. Hi I made a lot of changes for a while, I share with you : .io.file *Pimp up my Land Rover v1.2 *V6 engine *HOG shifting *Bull bars *Improved front lights *Front light bar *Tail ligth bar *Doors lock *Doors limiter *Body lift off *Coupling ball *Trailers Miss: Ackermann steering... I see that jb70 just updated, thanks I will post in real when I received all my parts... Thanks to : BrickWild Coolusername twoofive JunkstyleGio jb70 Pattspatt Leewan alademann BALBO85
  2. I love the new bumper, really perfect now, thanks guys By the way the original idea is not me but twoofive's In short I ordered for the light gray parts, but after seeing these pictures finally I prefer dark gray, so I think I'll order again ^^ And many thanks jb70 for the pimp version, I think to build with your plans
  3. I improved the steering axis with some internal changes, now this one consists of 3 U-joints instead of 4. It's better, but I still have a doubt about the reliability, because everything goes to millimeter and considering the number of joints, I miss a support axis to prevent it from moving during rotations ... I also made some changes seen on eurobrick : On the front, replacement of the lights stickers with real lights + addition of a shield On the doors, addition of a locking system On the transmission, replacement of two axes of 4 and 8 by a single of 12 Some pics : .io file >>
  4. Hi Waiting to receive this model, I'm looking at a few modifications including a main : integration of a 6-cylinder V engine (according Twoofive's idea) For that, I use Studio+2.0, but I didn't have more details than the Twoofive photos, I had to find a solution by myself... The integration of the motor + transmission is 100% completed, the problem is the modification of the direction axis. According to my idea, this one is composed of 4 U-joint, but in reality I'm afraid it doesn't work properly in the state... So I send you my file > in the hope that you have a better idea to share. Twoofive's help would also be appreciated Thanks for all
  5. Hi I need some explanation about this : (12).jpg/450x270.jpg If I do as described, the gearbox does not control the transmission ... So I replace this with a simple axis and everything works properly. At first I was thinking about an error in the errata pdf .. now I do not understand .. Thanks for your explain :)