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    Elves , friends, city, Jurassic
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    jurassic world 75935

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  1. weebo

    The Best LEGO Set?

    i like it , it was an OK wave for firends but the new summer sets are amazing
  2. weebo

    Newbie Here

    YES i did see that set will be amazing also the new jurassic park huge set also i am guessing you love trains? i have one train that is the cargo train but i do love it when i have the space to put out the track
  3. weebo

    Newbie Here

    Hello i am new here, and glad i have found a lego fan website so i can talk to like minded people, i have autism and so lego helps me though the bad times and the good, i love everything from firends to city , loving jurassic as the moment and harry potter, i am a huge diosaur fan also. love to hear from others and make firends