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  1. Despicable Dru

    How Does Buwizz compare with PFX Brick or SBrick?

    Is it possible to add sound with Buwizz. I went for it because of the size and rechargeable nature of the battery but adding sound is a logical future upgrade for me.
  2. Despicable Dru

    Maximum Track Length for Ascent/Descent?

    I'm looking at putting an include (10cm down on one track and 10cm up on the other) to create two levels (one for fiddle yard and one for goods yard). Trixbrix do include pillars which are in 3.2mm (1 plate) inclines so that seems to be the accepted norm.
  3. Despicable Dru

    Best place to buy MOC trains?

    Thanks I will do. I'm looking for moterised British trains, particularly diesels and rolling stock in 6 wide.
  4. Despicable Dru

    Best place to buy MOC trains?

    Thanks for your reply. Funnily enough I am playing around with a class 20 in dark green but I've had to extend the cab to get the battery box in it as the main body of the loco is too narrow for it but it seems to work.
  5. Despicable Dru

    Best place to buy MOC trains?

    Yes I have found several designs on Bricklink and various Facebook groups but they tend not to have power functions which is the bit I'm struggling with. I have had a go at designing several engines in based on these designs which works quite well but it incorporating the motor and gearing I'm struggling with hence wanting to adapt an existing motored design.
  6. Despicable Dru

    Best place to buy MOC trains?

    Does anyone know of designers that have instructions for UK stuff particularly Diesel's with Power Function setup.
  7. Despicable Dru

    Curved Train Switches

    Agree with the other posters this will be so useful. Have the new parts been added to NControl as I have the latest version but they are not showing?