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  1. Absolutely adore this set. Might be my first UCS buy considering how relatively inexpensive it is for a license UCS set.
  2. If this thing is releasing in November then when should we expect the announcement?
  3. I am someone in the minority who is absolutely content with the choice of Rebirth Superman, and that figure does not disappoint. The muscle detail is beautiful. Also TDKR Joker is incredible.
  4. After learning that the figures from the Marvel mech sets are based on the new Avengers game, I have now completely flipped on my opinion of DC doing it. If they followed then we could get some really cool variants from DC's video games.
  5. Knowing LEGO though, it wouldn't be new characters OR interesting variants.
  6. I suppose you're right. The only reservation I have about that though, is that DC already has over a decade of figures taken from the comics, something that Marvel doesn't have. So it is a good opportunity for some non-MCU figures, but for DC it will probably be just some more Batman vs Joker or Superman vs Lex Luthor figures that we have gotten a dozen times.
  7. I truly hope DC doesn't start doing mechs. Mechs are easily the most worthless draw for me and I am instantly less likely to buy a set featuring one.
  8. I reckon it very well could be Batman considering the new mold. I could also see it being someone like Mr. Miracle though.
  9. While it would be fantastic to get Burton Catwoman and Penguin, these figures are already stellar on their own.
  10. That Nicholson Joker is absolutely perfect. Cannot wait to see what else this D2C has in store.
  11. HD pictures of Batman 89 and a few of the CMF figures are up. Absolutely love the new cowl mold.
  12. I’m quite happy with both choices. I really dig that Aquaman. I can’t help but be slightly let down after the perfect Mr. Miracle from DC Supervillains. This version sort of looks like a mighty micros figure. But nonetheless, I’m happy he was included.
  13. Can't seem to find the pictures?
  14. I’m gonna be honest, these are the first figures to truly disappoint me. I’ve been extremely positive on everything so far, but these are both incredibly boring and uninteresting to me.
  15. What? We're literally getting the trinity, as well as a Green Lantern and Cyborg. Who knows what else is in store. Just because the choice of variants for the main heroes were a surprise doesn't mean that this is in any way like TLBM 2.