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    Our Zorro (Dieter) passing away

    Wow, this wasn't what I was hoping to see when I got back after a long time of absence.. Dieter, I hope you're in a better place now. We've had a great time, and you helped me through a tough time, and I realize, I've never thanked you for this. I'm never good a saying goodbye, but this time I have to. It's never a good thing that someone passes away, especially when they're so young like you. Only 27.. Dieter, we zullen je hier missen. Je was een geweldige aanwist op het forum. Wouter.
  2. Wouwie

    EB Advent Calendar Raffle 2009

    Just got mine! Thanks CopMike! I love early (or late) Chritsmas gifts!
  3. Wouwie

    Baron von Piggenstein's ship

    What to do with some Fabuland pigs and the 10210 Imperial Flagship? Just combine them! Flickr member eti. has done this, with some help of his son, and the end result is know as "Baron von Piggenstein's ship". More pictures on Flickr
  4. Wouwie

    EB Advent Calendar Raffle 2009

    When will you send out the packages CopMike?
  5. Wouwie

    You know you are a fan of Lego when...

    You sleep with your bricks (I once went into my bed to go sleeping but there were still bricks in my bed of the building I did that day )
  6. Ralph, you've amazed me again! Every detail is just perfect! The only thing that "bothers" me a bit are the pilots...They look so simple next to the Lynx, and aren't the orange unifors the old ones?
  7. Wouwie

    EB Advent Calendar Raffle 2009

    Holy *censored*! I never expexted to win this! Thanks CopMike! You're the best!
  8. Wouwie

    MOC: High Speed European Passenger Trains

    Wow! They're like perfect! Maybe it's me, because I love those high speeds trains here in Europe. And the crash video The ICE3 crash remembers me of the ICE crash at Eschede, Germany...
  9. Wouwie

    EB Advent Calendar Raffle 2009

    Ik dacht dat dus wel! Leuk hoor Maar het zogenaamde KLPD zal me nooit vinden. En als ze dat doen, vlucht ik snel weg Now, figure out that puzzle!
  10. Wouwie

    EB Advent Calendar Raffle 2009

    Aw man...Stop teasing us Copmike! As I said earlier, YOU won't get any prizes. I will get all the prizes for the Dutchies!
  11. It's like 10 times better than I had ever thought it would be. All the functionality, all the little details...Everything on it is great! 1 thing, would it be possible to remove the the the front row of white plates on the hood and replace them with tiles, so you could make it a specific Police Corps? Like on the reference picture. Or is the engine to big for that? Wouwie.
  12. Wouwie

    Classic-Pirates.com's Newest Bloggers!

    Congrats guys! I stole your rum, naaaaah-nah-naaaaah-nah-naaaaaaah! :pir-skull:
  13. Wouwie

    PTVII - Voting STAFF

    I'm with you! Erdy + 3! Bribery for the win!
  14. Wouwie

    MQ-9 Reaper

    Build as an entry for the Lego Military Build Challenge 2: "Fire Support" on Flickr. My version is armed with 4 Hellfire missiles and 2 laser guided bombs; JDAMs. It was inspired by Ralph_s' MQ-1L Predator More pictures A final shot, the Reaper at work: The background of this image is a Google Earth satellite picture of some mountains near the Pakistani/Afghan border. Thanks for looking!
  15. Wouwie

    MQ-9 Reaper

    Thanks Ralph! The landing gear can hold it, but the model is tail heavy (?), so if I would put it down on a flat surface the tail would be sitting on the ground. But I've cheated a bit on that point. You see, I've used some Pritt Sticky Tac (in the Netherlands they're called Pritt Poster Buddies) on the connection between the hands and the rods to stop them sliding upwards as you said. I've also used a little bit of them on the bottom of a 4x4 plate on which the black 1x1 Tap is connected. That way it can stand without falling on my desk. But if that wasn't there But I'll hope to solve the to heavy tail in the future. Greets, Wouter
  16. Wouwie

    MQ-9 Reaper

    Thanks guys! I'm glad you like it. I think I'll redo the markings on label paper, so that you won't see the tape anymore. The landing gear was something I just had to try, because I knew it could be done at this scale. It's about 38cm by 28cm.
  17. Wouwie

    MQ-9 Reaper

    Marking update! Kills and 42nd Attack Squadron markings Kills, 432d Wing markings, USAF Roundels and tail markings Tail markings The decals were made by Captain Blackmoor, except the USAF roundels, they come from Google. Thanks for looking!
  18. Yep, Zuloo is there! May I ask why you're selling yourself Zuloo? Anyway, great auctions again Smurf!
  19. Wouwie

    What are you afraid of?

    Spiders - Especially the big ones, and even more if they're in my bedroom. Heights - It's more the thought of falling of the edge Near dead experiences - I've had one in my life, and that's more than enough for the rest of it. My mother "cleaning" my room, by her it's dropping everything on my desk, including all my Lego and all my WIPs. Blackmoor - He scares the living crap out of me.
  20. Wouwie

    2010 Community Build

    Ok. And I know I'm always dressed perfectly
  21. Wouwie

    2010 Community Build

    Is it possible to have multiple persons building the same thing? Because I would also like to build the Torture Chamber... If not, you can sign me up for the Tailor/Uniform Shop
  22. Wouwie

    A funny looking map piece!

    No. I get all the apple pies.
  23. Wouwie

    A funny looking map piece!

    Go to school maybe?
  24. Wouwie

    A funny looking map piece!

    I can smell rats from a distance up to 200km. Wasn't there something with the Atlantis website on th 4th?
  25. Wouwie

    A funny looking map piece!

    Oh no, not again! Guys, be aware of laing rats in the area!