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  1. @ozacek Thanks for the tip to switch directions, there wasn't a manual with the set that I bought. So this is nice to know @kbalage I measured the output voltage of the mould king box and it was 8.2V. My battery wasn't freshly charged so it's possibel it's 9V. I can open my box and check the batteries. But according me it's a 2S-lipo (you can see them through the holes) and maybe bumped up to 9V. I didn't manage to download the app, as google play says my device is not compatible. So if anyone can download it and share it with me, it's this app:
  2. Yes, I bought this one. 2 observations yet: I can't install the android app. All android smartphones I tried it says "not suitable for this device". According me nobody can because downloads and reviews on the play store are 0. Second problem: with the remote frontwards is backwards and backwards is frontwards, so the buttons are switched. There isn't a button on the remote to change the direction. Maybe you can do it with the app... It doesn't seem to have a lot of power also. If the app should working or there should be a API of the bluetooth protocol they use it would maybe be a better deal.
  3. @fosamax I never managed to pair 2 batteries to 1 controller with the cada setup. I recently broke a batterybox so I can't try, I still have to replace the MX1616L motor driver and check if it works again. About the CADA buggy: steering is junk, even after replacing the servo with a lego servo motor. Just to much clearance on the whole steering/suspension. Also the differential I had to replace with the lego one. I also discovered the cada motors have less power then the lego ones. With the buggy I had also the problem the car went only forward and right even if I steered backwards or left. I made a complaint but I received a new L-motor and a new servo-motor as they said it was due to the motors. Of course it was the remote as I stated to them but they wouldn't believe. Somebody already tried this remote set: -> it seems it can drive buggy-motors (or better the 'monster' motor)
  4. I removed the link, didn't know it was a moc. I have the same problem with the servo, it doesn't always return to center. The L-motor already gave up and the remote doesn't work 100% anymore. If I turn to right it goes to right, if I turn to left it turns to ... right. Same for back and reverse. I got new motors from CADA, but didn't get a new remote.
  5. Hello, I am new here. I just logged in to tell the following. After I was experimenting with the CADA power brick, I blew 2 of the chips, due to the heat, the model of the chips became visible. Thes are Sinotech Mixic Electronics MX1616L browse to products -> motor drivers, it's somewhere in the list. It takes 2 to 8V and 1.5A continous and 2.5A peak. I attached the spec. I didn't find the chip for sale yet, but I did find the MX1616 that has a little higher voltage rating. But I think the L in mx1616L stands for low, so probably the MX1616 will be to big to fit the cada case.