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    Help Identifying LEGO City Polybag

    Thanks, TeriXeri!
  2. Leverandon

    Help Identifying LEGO City Polybag

    Since I've gotten all of my LEGO out of storage, I've been sorting everything and listing all of the sets that I own on Brickset. However, I'm down to a couple of small sets that I can't identify. One is a LEGO City polybag that I think was given away for free with LEGO store purchases circa 2015 or 2016. The set has a police officer and the build, I think, is a small plane. However, I can't seem to find it on any lists. Below is a picture of the minifig as well as what I snapped together from the pieces that I believe build a plane (note: this is not the actual build). Could anyone help me identify the polybag set number? Thanks!
  3. Leverandon

    Galleon Esperanza

    Stunning ship. Apologies if this has been discussed before, since I'm a bit new to all of this, but where did you get/make the sails and the rigging? Those aren't from any existing LEGO set, right?
  4. Ah thanks. I wasn't sure if we've seen a picture of his face under the helmet.
  5. Hmm, seems to be quite a bit of a weaker lineup than the older unbranded CMF figures. That being said, I love the Blacktron Bounty hunter. I'll definitely be getting one of him or her. Other highlights for me: The pizza dude has a really funny face and might be worth it for that alone. Its great to see Johnny Thunder back in action.
  6. Leverandon

    28 years later....

    Welcome! I'm fairly new to these forums as well. I'm a fellow father of a two year old. He's been playing with Duplo for about a year and a I recently got all of my LEGO out of storage and we've been dabbling with that as well. I'm glad to see that he seems to like both Duplo and LEGO equally right now. 1985 - 1991 LEGO is really a golden age. I love your collection of 1989 Pirate. I have a lot of those as well. Enjoy buildign those with your child over the next few years. -Steve
  7. Many years ago I got the Ultimate LEGO Book, one of DK's early LEGO history books as a gift. https://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-LEGO-Book-DK-Publishing/dp/078944691X/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=the+ultimate+lego+book&qid=1561887352&s=gateway&sr=8-3 It got lost in a recent move and I was looking to replace it, but then I saw this newer The LEGO Book. https://www.amazon.com/LEGO-Book-New-exclusive-brick/dp/1465467149/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=the+lego+book&qid=1561887189&s=gateway&sr=8-3 Is The LEGO Book a reprint/replacement for the older Ultimate LEGO Book? Thanks!
  8. Everyone, I'm excited to be a member of EuroBricks. I've been browsing the site for years and it seems like time to jump in. About me: My name is Steve. I'm 34 years old and have a two year old child who is just starting to get into DUPLO while "helping" me a bit with LEGO. I'm from the United States but work as a diplomat abroad and am currently stationed in Cairo, Egypt. I've been playing with and collecting LEGO since I was about three years old. I never truly had a "dark ages," having purchased a set or two nearly every year during my college years and twenties. However, most of my childhood sets have been in storage until recently and my more recently purchased ones have mostly just been on display after being built. I recently got all of my childhood LEGO out of storage and everything is now in one place for the first time ever. I'm eager to sort it all out and dip my toe into MOC building. My favorite older themes are 1980s/90s Castle, Space and Pirate. Of more recent stuff, I'm a fan of Star Wars, Modular Buildings and the Collectible Minifigures series. I've got tons of questions about how best to sort and store bricks as well as the best way to design (I know there are some CAD programs out there). Looking forward to exploring the site and posting photos of whatever I end up creating. I'm also interested in exploring Mindstorms, which I had a bit of experience programming with C at a college prep camp in the early 2000s. I'd love to see what people have come up with using the more recent EV3.
  9. Leverandon

    New forum user - looking to get into MOCs

    Thanks for the tip on the Historical section. Will definitely post over there. I studied Classics in college and was thinking of starting with a small diorama of the Roman Senate rostrum to show off some of my ancient Roman minifigs.
  10. Leverandon

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Getting back into LEGO after having my most of my collection in storage since high school, I'm confronted with the daunting task of starting a sort. I've entered all of the sets that I own into Brickset and it looks like I've got about 20-30,000 pieces. Some sets are individually sorted into bags with their instructions, but at least 75% of it is loose mixed up pieces in bins. Since my main goal is to start designing MOCs, I'm thinking of only keeping a few sets assembled for display/play (an X-Wing, a modular building, etc.) and sort everything else into some kind of drawers eventually. I hope that if I have everything sorted as precisely as I see users on here doing then it won't be too hard to grab the pieces that I need when I want to re-build an old set. Based on what I've been reading and the type of collection I have, I think the easiest way to start sorting is into these categories: bricks, plates, tiles, SNOT, slopes, Technic, terrain (plants, BURPs, etc), special elements (e.g. Pirate, Castle, Space elements), and minifigs. After I've got that done I can more discretely sort those groups by size and color. Any tips from others who have gone through similar sorts would be great. I'll also keep reading through the back pages of this thread for guidance.
  11. Leverandon

    New forum user - looking to get into MOCs

    Thanks for the welcomes, everyone. dr_spock, I'll look into EV3DEV after I get an EV3 kit!
  12. Leverandon

    Hello, glad to be part of Eurobricks now

    Hi Nathan, I'm also new to Eurobricks and am a big fan of CMFs as well and also prefer the non-licensed ones. I'm hoping that the next set produced is non-licensed.