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  1. seb71

    [MOC] vic spaceship

    thank you both
  2. seb71

    [MOC] vic spaceship

    Hi, i present to you a ship made with technics panels DSCF3029 by seb71, sur Flickr DSCF3022 by seb71, sur Flickr DSCF3020 by seb71, sur Flickr DSCF3032 by seb71, sur Flickr
  3. seb71

    [MOC] stealth ship

    hi here is a stealth ship, i'd like working in slope surfaces. Hope you like it mach3 -3 by seb71, sur Flickr mach3 by seb71, sur Flickr mach3 - 2 by seb71, sur Flickr
  4. seb71

    [MOC] the french castle

    thanks here is a few windows in the castle chateau4 by seb71, sur Flickr chateau5 by seb71, sur Flickr chateau6 by seb71, sur Flickr DSCF2166 by seb71, sur Flickr
  5. seb71

    [MOC] neo classic space ship

    Thanks I had these wedge in my stock, i don't know where they came from. It's seems it's 8630 set, yes.
  6. seb71

    [MOC] the french castle

    hi, thank you he was exposed one time in 03 dpt next Bourbon-Lancy (april). The next time it will be in october, at Clenay 21 (with Festibriques association)
  7. seb71

    Lego city - Where to place Apocalipseburg?

    in the corner is the best place in my opinion
  8. seb71

    [MOC] the french castle

    ^^ in my brickroom, the town is near the castle. here we can see WP_20181110_05_40_19_Pro by seb71, sur Flickr and a work in progress picture DSCF2172 by seb71, sur Flickr Thaks all for feedback.
  9. Hi, i present to you my castle MOC, began in 2017 and now finished. Sorry, pictures are small, i'll do more in october, at an exhibition WP_20181110_05_41_16_Pro by seb71, sur Flickr expo4 by seb71, sur Flickr expo3 by seb71, sur Flickr expo2 by seb71, sur Flickr
  10. Hi, a spaceship Blacktron faction. contest entry in BPchallenge brickpirate forum DSCF2957 by Sebastien Chevalier, sur Flickr blacktron 3 by Sebastien Chevalier, sur Flickr
  11. seb71

    Hi everybody ;)

    Thanks all :) coucou Antha ;)
  12. seb71

    [MOC] neo classic space ship

    Thaks all :) Wings do not rotate. They're fixed with hinge, one pair in the front, one in the back you can see front hinge in this image classic space 4 by Sebastien Chevalier, sur Flickr
  13. I present to you a MOC with classic space color code. My first ship after my dark age :) classic space by Sebastien Chevalier, sur Flickr classic space 2 by Sebastien Chevalier, sur Flickr classic space 3 by Sebastien Chevalier, sur Flickr classic space 6 by Sebastien Chevalier, sur Flickr
  14. seb71

    Hi everybody ;)

    Hello, my name is S├ębastien, from France. I'm 42 years old, and i restart to build Lego since 2 years, after a long, (so long ^^) dark age. Where i was young, i played a lot with Space, castle and city and after lot of technics. At about 18 years i stop it, and now with my children, this passion come again. I began again Lego since 2 years. I'm interested by modulars buildings, castle, and all good creations in other subjects. Sorry for my english (it's my maximum^^), and happy to join you :) Seb