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  1. crimson30

    MOC-0631 (Bay 327 with minor adjustments)

    I really love the chase lighting... here's a video of it: Bay 327 vid A friend of mine found a 40" x 40" table for me that fits right in the corner of my basement.
  2. crimson30

    MOC-0631 (Bay 327 with minor adjustments)

    Just some clarification... I used a kit from brickstuff for most of the lighting. The exception is that I bought these: Pre-soldered Micro LEDs (SMD 0603 white) @ Amazon and these: Cables for the A3 board from Brickstuff for the sabers. I borrowed a hand drill to drill through the arm and saber. Also, there was a problem with light shining through the sabers, so I used black heatshrink to wrap around the inside hole. Also, I tested it without the resistor and the LEDs burned up; then I tested with the 100 ohm resistor (for each saber) and left it on for about 12 hours without any issues.
  3. Mostly finished up my MOC-0631 build (I'm thinking of additional lighting in the future): I made the subfloor in If you're interested in those files, just message me. I changed up the fight area panels a little (they're a little more stable with the top being anchored) and ran the wires for the two lights in the corner to power up the lightsabers instead:
  4. crimson30

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    I'd like to see a chrome dome R2 and an updated chrome 3P0 (ala TC-14).
  5. crimson30

    LEGO - A retirement activity

    Any thoughts on building Eero-like figurines? I can see what they look like on the outside, but without a part list or some such, I'm a bit in the dark on the insides.
  6. crimson30

    The Journey back to Echo Base

    Is there an LDD file of cehnot's bay out there? I'd like to save some time and start working on this without reduplicating work that's already been done. I do have one .lxf of the bay already (msilvia7's), but the back wall is all wrong and the architecture is a little too simple.
  7. Hi all, Now that I have plenty of time on my hands, I plan to work on some Lego projects I've been thinking about for a while. I've already started on Bay 327 (MOC-0631). I built a subfloor in to run wiring through and have gotten to the point of testing the chase lights (lighting kit obtained from brickstuff). After that's done, I'm thinking of doing Echo Base Bay 7, though due to space limitations, I may not get very far past the blast doors One of my planned projects involves a female figure, like those of Eero Okkonen. Does anyone have good resources on how to start with building such things? I wonder a bit about some of the internals.