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  1. I think you probably need an inkjet for fabric but I'm not sure. It might be worth it to try, I don't have a color laserjet. SD
  2. SD100

    Ongoing BR Mark 1 Ideas

    It would be interesting to see that in the real brick, especially moving in a train. I'm partial to the curved bricks, but that might just be the investment I've already put into them... SD
  3. SD100

    Do you buy old sets

    I've bought quite a few sets that I couldn't get my hands on for various reasons when they came out, especially the good City sets I missed from the early 2000s. Unless it's really special though I only buy things up to about 150% of their original value, and if it's not cheaper to just get a few of the parts. My setup is a play setup though with my kids using it daily. I'm with @1974... Lol. SD
  4. SD100

    MOC: Mini-Cargo Train

    That's pretty cool. And man are those some steep grades, it was only a matter of time before something came off the rails! :D SD
  5. @michaelgale I'm that case with the switches, are you going to be selling the switch as a single piece or as a kit with the pieces to do a siding or crossover like @coaster does? SD
  6. Not that LEGO would ever get to this point, but I could see this program enabling a lot more possibility of something like Tube Map Central has been asking for. I'm going on my assumption that smaller sets will do a lot better in this model than $200 & $300+ sets. If you put a $100 locomotive on here it'd probably sell much more than 3000, and quickly. Once the locomotive is out there, put a car or coach or two car set out to match and almost everyone who bought the locomotive is going to be buying multiple copies right away. Of course if it's only things that have filtered through IDEAS this could never happen, but if they see the success of lower dollar value sets on this I think they will, maybe we can have some of our hopes fulfilled. SD
  7. Sounds to me like LEGO, by making the designers build physical models that work, will most likely be expecting the designers to build them out of *mostly* in production or readily obtainable pieces. If most of the parts are in production, a couple extra runs on an existing mold won't hurt LEGO at all, and that's probably where the cost savings will be. The interesting thing here will be seeing how many of the submissions actually get approved for crowdfunding consideration. I'm betting that the larger they are the less likely that is, while one's like the Flight and Fishtank are probably assured success. SD
  8. SD100

    Upgrading Emerald Night from PF to PU

    PU is far from superior, I've got both. The power stepping is a bit more drastic with the PU. I know PF costs are all over the place now but if you can get it cheaper than the crazy expensive PU you'd be better off. Maybe you've already seen, but the general consensus seems to be it's a lot cheaper to build the EN in a different color. SD
  9. I experiment with paper templates until the shape works then I use paper backed fabric sheets that fit in a normal printer. As long as your sails are smaller than the normal 8x11 ish sheet it works great. By the time you figure out what shape/size will look the best you've already done the majority of the work. SD
  10. SD100

    Alternatives to PF?

    Sounds like sticking to digital IS the (cheap, space saving) alternative you've been asking for... SD
  11. SD100

    Alternatives to PF?

    And then you're pulling out every type of gear and bushing lego has ever made trying to get the clicking to stop, you fix it, and now it clicks in reverse and jams... Finally tighten the drivetrain up enough so there's no issues there, and when you turn the power on the motor blows out the side of the loco... But it looked so good on the computer! I think it's like the rest of the hobby in general though, figure out one model that you really want, and then it may take some time to put the money and then pieces together to build it. It took me about six months to buy the pieces and assemble one 7-wide steamer. I'd place one 20-30 dollar bricklink order every couple weeks. And once an engine is done, then you need cars or coaches to put behind it... SD
  12. SD100

    Increasingly losing patience with Lego

    The reason the age demographics at a train show are like that is that after 5 no one is interested in something that they can't afford until they're 65... As much as lego trains are a poor substitute compared to actual model trains, I wouldn't want the "museum-ification" that model trains have gone through to happen to Lego. I ditched HO because I didn't want to spend $300 on each engine. Now I can get a an engine and a few cars for that, and if my kids kick it across the room, I can put it back together. On the other hand, with the amount of small and unique pieces that go into each Lego Friends set, I don't think the "It's not worth it for Lego to make more train parts" argument holds up anymore. Even an 11 long (?) technic half width liftarm would be an improvement.
  13. ...sitting here hitting refresh on the tracking info over and over again...
  14. SD100

    Look at this crazy thing.

    Bizarre, but now they use the same lifting axle idea on GE ES44C4s... And it sucks as much now as it probably did then!
  15. There we go... If Paul's boss can get JT to make the call to Denmark then this can be a reality!
  16. SD100

    My recent Amtrak MOCs

    Those are some nice coaches you have there. I'd been meaning to ask you if you had more photos of them after seeing some of the things you've posted lately, but seeing them in all their glory is impressive... And then your prototype photo threw me for a loop too, I instantly recognized that location, I've gotten on and off a lot of freight and Amtrak trains right there...
  17. I think one other definite factor that you have to take into account is that Gale isn't just paying off his investment in the track molds... The whole system is also pretty dependent on him making motors too, which is probably quite a bit more expensive than just track. I think he's mentioned it before that you can't have one without the other. In the US, LEGO 9v motors are $100 on bricklink for something used with who knows how much life left in it. The tracks alone are a very niche market that only gets smaller without the motors. I have no problem paying what he's asking if he's able to develop motors too. And I'll make up the difference in what I would have spent on AAA batteries to keep the train around my Christmas tree moving for half the season. @coaster You'll also still be getting more of my money than I should probably be sending you, regardless... SD
  18. SD100

    Hogwarts train - tracks?

    @Feuer Zug I just reconfigured my loco to your design, but it has very little pulling power. I had a do several modifications just to reduce friction enough for it to pull one car and not jam on R120s. Was your train in the video lubed by some chance? I don't feel I'm getting the same performance even with new batteries.
  19. @michaelgale I'll definitely be making a loop order in 2 months. I want to support the heck out of this.
  20. So in the US we're just going to be able to buy from the FX bricks website, right?
  21. SD100

    Hogwarts train - tracks?

    If it's just going to be a push train the Hogwarts train is fine but if you want a motorized train then take zephyr's advice. Motorizing the Hogwarts Express can take a lot of fine tuning that a kid doesn't have patience for, so having something to distract them might help.
  22. I have a new double track oval with Bricktracks great R120 and R104 curves, but I'm trying to put a crossover in with the standard R40 switches while I wait for those dear, dear R104 switches. I've been trying to put in a slight bump out on the inner track to fit them but nothing is lining up right. I've got a dearth of lego curves, Bricktracks R56, and Bricktracks short tracks pack, but so far I haven't found the right combination to get me back to the 8 stud separation on both ends. Am I missing the easy solution here, or is it time to take the hacksaw to the switches. I know I could just offset one track by a double straight in the middle of the curve, but I want to keep the tracks next to each other as much as possible. I also have a fondness for a Conrail "Unnecessary S Curve", because if I'm going to be prototypical, then that is the thing I want to be prototypical about, lol. SD
  23. SD100

    Fitting a Lego Crossover

    I guess I'll just grab the hacksaw... Thanks guys, lol.
  24. That Niagara is awesome! Are those the water overflow pipes on the sides of the tender too? Both of those steamers would be impressive in the real brick.
  25. So right now it really doesn't look like the kickstarter will meet it's goal. What happens after that?