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    Tracked tractor

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  1. Benbkab

    Tracked tractor. Big moc

    Thanks Doug well explained and a little easier to understand I shall have a go tonight Kind regards Ben
  2. Benbkab

    Tracked tractor. Big moc

    Thanks for the help Igor 😉
  3. Benbkab

    Tracked tractor. Big moc

    Hi Igor it's a Samsung s7 I've turned the camera down to its lowest setting 16:9 3.7m. I've signed up to Flickr and yes have a laptop with Windows 10 on it I also know where the dcim folder is too, just technology isn't my thing 😔 thanks for the replys
  4. Benbkab

    Tracked tractor. Big moc

    I really wish I could sort some pics out I've tried and tried again but nothing's working from my android phone it's looking good so far and based on the caterpillar challenger 😁
  5. Benbkab

    Tracked tractor. Big moc

    Thanks for the reply, another thing I'm going to have to get used to as technology overpasses me 🤣 How much k does one picture take up when using one of these hosts? Also are these available from the app store? Thanks again
  6. Hi all I'm building a tracked tractor pivoting for the steering The tracks have slew from the main chassis and also spinning motion from the turntables ,the tracks are tensioned with suspension There's not enough hours in the day haha I've made 5 different sets of tracks to suit scale and settled on a single sided frame for the tracks I'm after specific colours pieces for this too Can't upload pictures even on my lowest camera setting ?? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  7. Hi my name is Ben I'm sure this will have been asked many a times about the best site to order technic lego parts from Many thanks