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    downtown diner

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  1. classicbuilder

    This’ll take a while...

    No, not any that are very professional, at least, but I think that could be the theme I can make a MOC on soon. maybe a cursed Isle.
  2. classicbuilder

    Why is Constraction So Disrespected?

    Are you sure it’s spelled constraction? If you can, I recommend changing it to construction.
  3. classicbuilder

    This’ll take a while...

    Hello! I am the creator classic builder. I recently discovered Eurobricks(technically I knew about it before, but I hadn’t thought about joining.), and I have realized that there is not a better place to post my creations. I plan on building 3 large builds: 1 for city, 1 for space and 1 for castle. This is the only thing I 100% know I will complete, and in order to finish them, I will not work on any other major builds for a while. I also will give information about the LEGO company and their history. When it comes to naming LEGOs history and several other topics on LEGO, I am a robot. But robots don’t know everything, so please don’t expect everything. That is all I must say. I hope to see your builds in the future, and hope you will see mine. Goodbye! P.S. I have a large amount of LEGO, and I have never sorted it, so it will take a year or so to sort it all.