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  1. You really packed it with functions.. And looks good too.. Nice.
  2. chekitch

    42116 Skid Steer Loader

    Or 2L + 3L pin with axle. For the seat maybe?
  3. If they only have the right to produce it, can they even sue? I think not, it would have to be Tlego...
  4. chekitch

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    That is a relief That is why I'd rather have a topic and not a subforum.. Yes, but with some things I build, I don't need help. I just build it goofy and fun and I don't care. And I don't have 20 pics and a video and am not doing the instructions.. I don't want to sell it, I don't think it is something great that needs a topic. But I'd share 3 pics and explain if someone thought it has something he likes...
  5. chekitch

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    Well, I know I shouldn't but still. Also, doing a good presentation of a MOC you don't feel is really that great feels a waste of time, and not doing a good presentation feels like disrespecting the others that really put hard work into both of that.. Thanks. It could be Beginners, but also maybe for "scrap MOCs" of the good builders, or those things you build when you have an idea, but don't want to make a whole Moc around it... I think it would work.
  6. chekitch

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    Like @CalimeroLego, I don't think the MOCs I finished are worthy of a topic. They'd probably only make @Sariel facepalm and for a good reason I have few ideas and one WIP that after this topic I might open as WIP, but for the smaller MOCs I did just for the fun of it, I'd feel like I'm spamming the forum.. The quality of good MOCs is just over the roof (I mean, most of them are being produced!), and the bad ones.. Well, I don't want to be among the bad ones.. What I would do, maybe, is post it in some group topic with "non-serious MOCs", if you know what I mean. Somewhere where the standard for MOCs and for presentation of it would be lower. Also, the power of a herd, you know, I think many would not feel so intimidated for posting in a thread like that vs creating their own topic. @Jim, what do you think about something like that?
  7. chekitch

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    I got 42080 Forest Machine today for 59,5 euro.. Yeeey, pneumatics!
  8. chekitch

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    Could the 800 parts be the parts for an upgrade of the 1600 parts original one? That would make more sense, but that is a bit too much IMHO...
  9. @heyitsdisty Sorry, I checked.. I ended up just using a lever (flexibly connected with 45590) that was "slapping" the switch lever. It was just a weird contraption so it was ok for me, but is not of use to you... But I remembered something I saw... I didn't try it but if it is just what you are looking for if it works robust enough Lego Two-Way to One-Way Rotation Converter Mechanism - Lego Technic Mastery
  10. You are right, but I remember making something to flip a switch via rotation without a clutch a few years ago.. But I can't remember it now.. I'll try later, if it works, I'll write..
  11. I have no purely mechanical ideas, but if you have the switch (8869).. One motor directly on output and that motor controls one side but also controls the switch.. The other motor connected via the switch controls the other side... That should work i think..
  12. This is a really, really beautiful model and I'm ordering it for sure... As for the discussion of "fake lego", I think it is good to talk about it. In my opinion, this kind of cooperation should be supported by the community, because, I believe this would not hurt Lego as much as it would hurt other companies that are stealing or just cloning and that "do not bring anything to the table"... I have few Cada sets I bought mainly because of electronics, but I liked the bricks also, the quality was good and I like the changed design so I can mix or separate them from Lego easily however I want...
  13. chekitch

    Powered Up code block guide

    This is perfect!!! Thank you! I agree that this is the biggest flaw..
  14. chekitch

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    I was waiting for the new sets to come to Croatia from 1.1. (I was on holiday), but nothing. So I gave up going to the toy store... Today was the first time I saw them, in a general store, and the general store had a discount on all toys 30% :) I got the 4 small ones for 50euro, It is not by far the largest discount I had but it made me really happy today. It kind of made up for me having to wait for them so long :)