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    Tie Fighter

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  1. megatroptimus

    Modified 75185 Tracker 1

    The chair is on hinges to change its position and on a rotatable 2x2 plate to face front or back. I'm thinking about addind light grey accents instead of blue now!
  2. megatroptimus

    Modified 75159 Death Star

    My daughter put it there while playing, forgot to remove it before taking the pictures. :P
  3. megatroptimus

    Modified 8096 Palpatine's Shuttle

    I can't unfortunately, I don't use softwares like LDD, I'm just freestylin'! :D
  4. megatroptimus

    Modified 75159 Death Star

    Tried to make it more gimmicky by integrating 3 kits: Droid Escape Pod, Death Star Escape and Darth Vader Transformation, plus a rotating crane instead of fixed. Nevermind the dead dog in the Darth Vader Transformation room...
  5. Yeah, that wing mod again. Got inspired by 2 different mods on YT and rolled them into one so the wings now have clicky joints but retain the missile launchers. One of my favorite ships, it's a truly impressive piece imo.
  6. megatroptimus

    Modified 75185 Tracker 1

    List of the modifications: -Removed all the blue parts to give it a more aggressive Palpatine-ish deco -Re-did the cockpit interior to include a seat that can lift up and rotate for the landing position (new controls too) -Attached the drone to the front of the ship for transportation -Re-did 2 of the 3 lower rooms -Moved the Technic mechanism to the other side and included holders for the light sabers -Removed the fake inner access to the cockpit and integrated a turret with dual cannons instead -Added 2 ladders alongside the ship's exterior to give Palpatine a believable access to his cockpit
  7. megatroptimus

    Modified 6209 Slave 1

    Added a hinged cockpit window (I HATE detachable part lol) and made Boba Fett's cockpit seat rotatable with identical controls on both sides so he can pilot his Slave I the same regardless of its position (vertical or horizontal). Funny side note: during the build, I momentarily lost the Boba Fett minifig. After a week of search, I gave up and looked into buying one online... until I saw it was completely jammed under the missile mechanism inside the ship!
  8. Made the interior of my son's Krennic's Imperial Shuttle slightly more detailed and roomier by closing off the floor completely. He also wanted me to add a gimmick. Space being really limited, I still managed to create a hidden compartment in front of the pilot's console.
  9. megatroptimus

    Modified 8096 Palpatine's Shuttle

    Gave my Palpatine's Shuttle a roomier and more detailed interior. Minifigs can now stand up when the roof is on because of how I've lowered the floor.
  10. megatroptimus

    Modified 8098 Turbo Tank

    Decided to give my Turbo Tank roomier and more detailed cockpits and to use the space that previously couldn't be opened in the middle...
  11. megatroptimus

    Question about the Corporate Alliance Tank Droid (75015)

    I know it doesn't really make sense in the Star Wars lore, but I liked the shape of the tank so much that it had to accommodate a minifig. Drones are too stupid on their own anyway. lol
  12. megatroptimus

    Question about the Corporate Alliance Tank Droid (75015)

    The result... Let me know what you think.
  13. megatroptimus

    Question about the Corporate Alliance Tank Droid (75015)

    Interesting... Actually, I was thinking about reproducing the mechanism used on the Wookie set, with the discs swinging back... I just wonder if the interior can allow that, it's probably completely different?
  14. Do you think it would be possible to modify it to sit a minifig inside in similar fashion to the tank droid that came with the Wookie Attack set? I'd like to keep the overall look for the exterior.