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    [Forbidden Cove Find] - An Imperial Ship

    I really like this one. In the other pictures, the back really looks great the way it merges into the windows and poop/sterncastle. Plus there are the little details like the anchor and cathead, and the fore fighting-top. He has a SNOT door that I really like too. And the way the taffrail is assembled. Very cool. Plus he left a spritsail yard; My favorite. Thanks for sharing the find.
  2. Seagulls

    Poseidon's Wrath

    I love the innovations: Everything opens up on hinges. Thanks for the great find!
  3. Seagulls

    LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Contest - Bonus Points

    I'd like to claim bonus points for: Mailing List Reply to Bonus Points Email not found Total: 5 Points
  4. Seagulls

    Eleanor Rigby

    I like it, Rigby :) Happy bricking!
  5. WARNING!!! You have used 6 points but not verified any bonus points. Failure to do so before voting closes will render all your points invalid! Otherwise eliminate 1 point to bring your total to 5 points. "No Match"-Alaina Cillis : 3 points (Not the old "Jack sparrow escapes from X", like mine was. ) "Another Escape"-(Myself): 1 point "The Veteran"-greg3: 2 points (if I interpreted the bonus points correctly) Very well told.
  6. Seagulls

    Another Escape

    Heh, sorry about that first paragraph, I think I had something else planned, but I ran out of space... Thanks for your support, and I still have a day or so to clarify a bit. Tell me if this edit is any better.
  7. Seagulls

    Another Escape

    NNNNGHHHHH! It's so hard to get it under 300. :( I'll try to edit through it a bit later. Thank you very much for the constructive criticism! And yes, that is THE Admiral, who even bathes in his armor. Thanks again!
  8. Seagulls

    Another Escape

    The noon bath had tarnished the Admiral’s armor once again. And he would NOT take it off! So, here he was, Diego Ramirez, Admiral’s slave, spit and polish, cleaning the Admiral's blasted armor as he stood on deck. "Are you quite finished?” his employer said, “We have some pirates to send to the bottom." ”Which if you didn't bathe in your blinking armor, I wouldn't be polishing it, would I?" “Quiet.” Diego spat emphatically on the rag and rubbed harder. This was a sore subject between the Admiral and his steward, but the bickering ceased when a midshipman reported a sail, hull down to larboard. "And if ye would stay still…” began the irate steward, but the Admiral was already racing up the shrouds like a monkey. Hours later the sun was slowly melting into the sea, and the chase had revealed itself to be little more than a longboat. But, it was a prize to be won, so they bore down on it, ran out the guns and desired the occupants to surrender. He came aboard with a flourish, announced himself as ‘Captain’ Jack Sparrow and demanded rum. The marines lowered their muskets a hair, but a stern glance brought them back up. Pirate. “Clap him in irons!” demanded the jolly Admiral. “No, no, wait.” The captive raised his hands and backed up a step as the marine sergeant drew his sword. “I’ll make a deal with you. If you let me go, I’ll tell them not to attack you, savvy?” He gestured off into the distance. As the entire quarterdeck whirled in disbelief, he dove over the rail. “This will be known as the day that you almost cau--“ The bark of the bow chasers cut his speech short, and the longboat raced away into the darkness. THE END (My first Eurobricks post, by the way) And still 300 words.