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  1. Just ordered my parts for v1.5! Also just finished the first build as standard. I was sure that I wouldn't have trouble with my front suspension- all the way through, almost to the end, it was springing back up fine. It seems like the last few pieces and the bonnet were too much for it in the end.. Thanks for the work gone into these mods and Instructions. @jb70 do you think there'll be a v1.6?
  2. Skxawng

    Bugatti Loose Wheels

    Edit2: Ok, I can see why I was confused.. The front ones have clicked in fine. The back ones will not click in.. and they're the ones I started on so that's why I didn't think they clicked in. Will have to have a proper look and see what the issue is. Edit3: Ok, they've gone on. Just took an incredible amount of force compared to the front ones- was worried the disk would break. But sorted now.
  3. Hi this is my first post and I'm just getting back into Technic at 33yrs old after quite a few years away (work, marriage, kids etc.) I've been building the Bugatti Chiron and have just reached the end of the first book. I think I may have done something wrong as the wheels are very loose. I assumed it would get sorted out later but I've skipped ahead to see how it is resolved and it doesn't seem to be. I've fitted the calipers and wheels early to see if that helps but no. Before fitting the brakes, there seemed to be nothing holding the disks into the hub, they have so much movement that the driveshafts often fall out. This doesn't happen with the brake calipers fitted but it seems like they are the only thing holding the wheels on and they are still very loose! Like a car with broken hub bearings. Have I done something wrong? (I've searched and can't find this issue so thinking it's just me) Is there a step I haven't noticed in book 2? Is this just how it is? Any help would be appreciated. Edit: Well.. I've been pretty stupid! I've just removed the wheels to photograph the problem and one of them was fixed! The pressure of putting the wheels on must have 'clicked' the disk into the hub. It's funny, I couldn't get it to do that when I first assembled it and didn't think it looked like it clicked in. So... I'd delete this thread except can't see how.. Mods could do it maybe?