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  1. I think they will have new hairpieces, syndrome's hair in different colors, or Ursula's hair in different colors. I can also see a lot of pink and environment pieces going into these sets. Also, if it's world tour then maybe there will be monuments and landmarks. Or they could also have molded heads
  2. I think there should be: Firefighter Cook Yell leader Fashion Model Doggy Suit Guy Buccaneer And Chemist A Jim Henson theme would also be cool for kids. It would probably have: Elmo Kermit The Frog Big Bird Cookie Monster Miss Piggy Grover Gonzo Roulf and Others.
  3. lhp776

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    This is probably going to be somewhere in between kid and adult. Probably Teens and Pre-Teens. It is awesome that it's going to be AR though.
  4. #AFOL Theme. I am too chicken to watch the actual show, but I might get 1 set just for more legos
  5. lhp776

    New Licensed Theme Rumor Mill

    Look on the previous page. It was posted by lego and it isn't April 1st. Plus it's rated for kids and will probably be 4+ sets. Personally, if they make LEGO trolls then I would like to see LEGO Shrek or LEGO How to Train your Dragon