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  1. Adalsteinn

    Future Pirates Speculation

    With "pirates of barracuda bay" becoming a set, TLG should re-release the Imperial Flagship. Maybe just update the minifigs or keep them the same; most of the printed parts were decommissioned and would have to be brought back
  2. This is great, I love it. I've wanted to do something similar but maybe after all these summer lego sets I will buy more quidditch sets. Great moc!
  3. Adalsteinn

    [Moc] hogwart wip

    I just wanted to share my wip moc of the 2018 great hall set. The hall is longer and taller, the staircase tower is taller and now is 3/4 instead of the front 1/2 of the tower in addition to adding extra floors. I just created the next section (to the right of the tower) and will eventually finish that section with tower and the courtyard. Mostly I wanted to make the new Clocktower set fit with the rest of the castle in a canon way. Pics
  4. Adalsteinn

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors & discussion

    Has anyone seen this year's polybag? If we are getting one, that is