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  1. Ender3Guy

    GBC General Discussion

    !! I was just finishing up on a very similar timing module! What motor does your module use?
  2. Ender3Guy

    GBC General Discussion

    I'm working on 3D printing GBC balls as a substitute for spending $1.50 CAD on each ball. I have the size right and the weight is currently sitting at 1.4 grams. How close to 1.52 grams do I need to get the balls so that they work with catapult-style modules?
  3. Ender3Guy

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    Same. I do most of the design work for my 3D printer in Fusion 360 and I have no issue with that. However, the excavator can almost be seen as gaming, and it's one more device that parents may need to monitor. Note that Spike Prime can use Powered Up motors and so the motors in this set may or may not have rotation sensors.
  4. Ender3Guy

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    Same. This is very close to a deal-breaker for me. I'm tempted to set up an Arduino to masquerade as the controller, though it would require quite a bit of programming. Lego has recently come out with Spike Prime on their Education website. Interestingly enough, the hub for Spike Prime is listed as the 'Technic Large Hub'. This seems to imply that we'll get a smaller hub later on, maybe with four ports. Perhaps we'll see this in the Liebherr? I'd really like this as the motors in Spike Prime have encoders and are probably on par with the EV3 motors in terms of torque. And, of course, this could mean that you could program the excavator. It would explain the high price point when compared to 42055.
  5. Ender3Guy

    LEGO Education SPIKE Prime

    Did Lego state that the hub has four ports, or is that speculation? I couldn't find a source for that, though four seems to be the generally accepted number.
  6. Ender3Guy

    LEGO Education SPIKE Prime

    I agree. That's why I mostly use ROBOTC. Though strangely, EV3-G is faster than ROBOTC. I do like the idea of using Scratch as the API. It leaves a lot of the core development to MIT, which means the software will be much less buggy. Is anyone else thinking that this is inside the upcoming Liebherr set?
  7. Ender3Guy

    LEGO Education SPIKE Prime

    This is exactly my concern. I hope we get a better microcontroller but keep the Spike Prime sensors and motors. However, I doubt that will happen.
  8. Ender3Guy

    LEGO Education SPIKE Prime

    No, that wasn't what I was attempting to say. Sorry about the misunderstanding. What I was trying to state was that the screen has a lot of potential that I don't want to lose. I still have a universal self-contained program, quite simple, but still extremely effective at setting up quick testing programs for MOCs when I don't want to keep my model contantly hooked up to the computer. This and the brick program function both are not possible without a screen. And Super Mario was only a proof of concept. I wanted to prove that it's possible to render decent graphics with the EV3. It is difficult but possible. The compiled version is around 6Gb. Finally, Python is extremely slow due to realtime compilation and execution. For the most part I agree with you, but the huge frames are still inexcusable. It's easy enough to make a similar shape with smaller frames; this basically nullifies the need for a larger frame. True, that is why I put (for now) in brackets. I fully expect it to come back, but it might take some time.
  9. Ender3Guy

    LEGO Education SPIKE Prime

    Nooooo thank you! A load of ridiculously sized frames, huge wheels (Why not bring back the Hailfire wheel and rubberize the rim?) and lots more specialized parts. Note that they didn't state that Spike Prime won't eventually make its way over to LEGO shop and replace EV3. Is anyone else as worried about the future of MINDSTORMS as I am? Really, this does seem like it is meant to be the successor to EV3. However, as many kids found the programming environment too time-consuming to learn, most likely beause they would still rather spend their time gaming, LEGO presents us with a dumbed-down version that discards half the capabilities of EV3. Let's see... We lose: Functionality with ROBOTC and other languages (for now) Programmable functionality Two ports The screen and interface That's a load of capability. We gain: Better motors (hopefully they don't burn out after 6 months of use in low-torque applications the way all my large EV3 motors have) Wireless programming Better cables (more flexible and with no prone-to-breaking tabs) Integrated battery (PLEASE make it replaceable) This is it. And with the current price of the new hub at $250 US, it's much more expensive, even taking into account the integrated battery. Even the better cables don't really tempt me. I have a 3d printer so I can just make replacement tabs for when they snap. I can probably even make whole RJ12 cable heads. The motors... Found a replacement DC motor on eBay that matches the specs. It should last longer since it's brand-name, though I don't know. I do like the square design over the wierd and bulky EV3 and NXT motors though. Apparently the sensors are more accurate. I'll belive that when I see it. But so what? Mindsensors sells great sensors too. And... GIVE ME SCREEN! ME WANT SCREEN! I was able to create a full level of Super Mario on the EV3 and want the same functionality here. No thank you. I'll stick with EV3 for now.