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  1. Hello, my models 42009u and 8043u have Lego PF infrared devices for remote control. Unfortunately, my smartphone Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) has no IR interface. Here in the thread I've read that it does not work if I just plug in an IR diode in the headphone jack. Is there a solution for me or do I have to buy an older, used smartphone with IR interface for the remote control of my models? Which older smartphones have an IR interface that whould work well with the BrickController app? I ask for your help. Grandpa Lothar
  2. Hello, I chose the game controller Trust GXT 590 Bosi Wireless. He was the easiest to get here in Germany. Today the controller has arrived and it works flawlessly. The Game Controller Test App and BrickContoller 2 both recognize the Trust Controller. Many thanks to Simon. You have helped me a lot. Now I'm waiting for the S-Brick devices to come. Grandpa Lothar
  3. Hello iuliand, Simon and Oldlegonerd Thank you very much for your advice on buying a game controller suitable for our purposes. My mobile crane 42009 is almost finished. Now comes the adventure with S-Brick, BrickControll and Bluetooth. I will report, also from the failures. Grandpa Lothar
  4. Hello, I'm Grandpa Lothar, 79 years old and totally new to Eurobricks. I am very glad that I found this thread. I bought the Snakebyte VR controller. He does not work. Bluetooth does not accept it as an input device. I gave it back. Can you recommend a game controller that will work with my smartphone Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) for sure. Thank you for your advice. Grandpa Lothar (with Lego 8043 ultimate and 42009 ultimate in construction)