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  1. Bludchylde

    The Winter Village Winter Festival Contest- Cat A Voting

    03 = 2 Points 01 = 1 Point
  2. Bludchylde

    The Winter Village Winter Festival Contest- Cat B Voting

    01 = 2 points 02 = 1 point
  3. Bludchylde

    Arcade Machines Series

    Absolutely love these. I've downloaded every one you have on Rebrickable and look forward to having the time and parts to build these. The pinball machine designs are my favorites.
  4. Bludchylde

    <moc> Dredge Boat (game)

    Can anyone ask for the LXF? Love the look of the boat and wouldn't mind trying to build it if I can get my hands on the parts,
  5. Bludchylde

    [MOC] A4 Mallard - Lego Ideas

    Supported. Absolutely love the look of it.
  6. Bludchylde

    [MOC] VW Golf 1/2 moc

    I like the way the VW Golf is looking so far. Hopefully you get the roof figured out because I look forward to seeing the complete build.
  7. Bludchylde

    BMW E30 M3 MOC - Should I make instructions?

    Love the look of it. Definitely interested if you do make instructions for it.
  8. Bludchylde

    The Cooking Academy (modular)

    I love it. Also first time I've seen someone use one of those lantern pieces upside down for a trash can. An idea that looks great but is simple enough, I'm surprised I haven't seen it before. Supporter 370 and I hope this gets enough support.
  9. Bludchylde

    Is this a fake pack?

    No way that is a version 2. I collect a few different action figure lines as well as Lego, and this is seen frequently in those collector circles. Someone buys the figure, or in this case minifig pack. Take it home and carefully open it so that it looks like it hasn't been opened. Swap the figure and accessories wanted for some old figure laying around they don't care for. Seal it back up and then return it for a refund. This way the person gets what they want without paying for it and at the same time gets rid of some unwanted stuff laying around. Although in this case, are the parts swapped out worth the effort.
  10. Bludchylde

    FRNSW Fire Truck moc

    Love it. Then too I'm a sucker for well designed fire trucks. I agree with CastleBeachFire . I'd recommend using 2 of the panels to fill the gap. If I'm right, it will take some experimenting to get the look you want. Either the top or bottom row of the window has to go to make room, which takes away some of the support for your side mirrors. or you can raise the rest of the cab a plate in height to compensate. I would suggest experimenting with it to get the look you want.
  11. Bludchylde

    Another year another 4 cars. (6 editon)

    Was definitely the vibe I got at first sight.
  12. Bludchylde

    Another year another 4 cars. (6 editon)

    The hot rod is definitely my favorite. Would definitely be blasting Rob Zombie's Dragula while trying to replicate it. The electric sports car, I really like the look of. Looks small and compact, yet looks sporty. Wouldn't mind one or two of those sheriff 4x4s running around my Lego city. The Batmobile has a simple look, yet there is no mistaking who is driving it. All 4 are great.
  13. Dude, even I know what that is. I'm confused on what the pitchfork is for.
  14. Bludchylde

    [MOC] The Old School Caravan Trip

    Great build. Like the car and the caravan is adorable. Supported it on Ideas.