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  1. Hi, I'm Witold, I live in the UK. We (my kids and me) build little MOCs mainly for fun. All the best for all of you! Witold
  2. That will be a huge castle!
  3. Witold

    [Moc] Dwarf lonely mountain

  4. Witold

    Burn, Heretic, Burn!

    Thanks for the answer, good idea - the monks looks nice!
  5. Witold

    [MOC] Secret Garden

    I like the idea. When I was young I have read "The secret garden" and even you mentioned there is no link, that was my first thought :) Have thought to use green plates as a top layer? That could help build more "wild" effect, I think.
  6. Witold

    MOC: Hadrian's Wall

    Outstanding! This is a masterpiece!
  7. Witold

    [MOC] Black Falcon supply point

    This is truly awesome!
  8. Witold

    Royal Joust is coming!

    Well done! Very good idea!
  9. Witold

    Burn, Heretic, Burn!

    I like historical kind of MOCs. What torso did you use to make a monk?
  10. Really nice try! I appreciate every project which is related to the classical sets.
  11. Witold

    Forestmen MOC - Lego 6054 + 6066

    This is a great re-build! I like especially the hideout on the tree.
  12. Witold

    Siege of Tharbad

    The castle looks very good in terms of what the castle should really have. Do you have more pictures from the point of view of the attackers?
  13. Witold

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    Probably you are right here :D
  14. Witold

    Japanese Castle

    Amazing! How tall is it?
  15. Witold

    [WIP] Castle of Syndrifel

    I know this issue very well :) I don't know if you will like this idea, but if you don't have enough arches to build the machicolations, you can use brown pieces to build hoarding (brown or black to simulate wooden).
  16. Witold

    Wolfpack MOCs?

    Same as me, hope some point of the time they will back to the old, good ideas.
  17. Witold

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    I'm happy the Nexo will be discontinued. Hope they will back with their knights and castle designs to the more classical ideas.
  18. That was a happy day for me, hope they will close down another fake Lego companies.
  19. Witold

    Are Minifigures Overrated?

    I think there is many ways of using LEGO. Some people dosn't want to build they just want to have some minifig. Personally I think LEGO is making better minifigures over the time, and when they offer some additional popcultural value (licence) they attract people who are not typical bricks builders. If there are people who would like to pay for minifig e.g. £20 it means to me it is worth at least £20:)
  20. Witold

    Mountain Wolfpack Fortress

    Well done, always happy to see Wolf's Castle!
  21. Witold

    [MOC] Historic mocs - by Barthezz Brick

    I love how you made a custom mini figures!
  22. Witold

    [moc] Hadrians Wall

    O wow, this is truly solid work! Where did you get the roman soldiers?
  23. Witold

    [WIP] Castle of Syndrifel

    Keep going, do you plan to build some battlements on the top of the walls?
  24. Witold

    New Castle Set

    Unfortunately I missed it, and it looks there will be not re-edition...
  25. Witold

    Smugglers path

    The platform could be not be separated for me, but the landscape is so lovely!