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  1. @ suffocation: the weight of the carrier (after building phase 1): 1296 gram, 230 gram Eneloops included
  2. After building fase 1 het (updated) app wanted to test the base. Unfortunately there is no connection as long as I only connect 1 hub. And after connecting both hubs there was a firmware udate for both hubs (nice flashing colours) and no testing the wheels. Just trying to calibrate. Sounds familiar to somebody?
  3. Absolutely stunning. Great admiration for design and building techniques!
  4. This is the first time I build a pneumatic model and I don't understand the manual of the 42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245 on this part. I can not figure out the way the hoses are connected with the switches: which hose is it connected to which switch. I looked at the photos on this site and elsewhere but most of the time only the bottom is showed. Can anybody enlighten my confusion?
  5. I just realised I never shared the end of my problem. After looking at some speedbuilds of the truck and some puzzling the cause of not working turned out to be a very sharp knick in the tube coming from the pump. Now I have a very glad grandson. Thanks for your support!
  6. Guess you are right, but in fact I just liked the Merc very much and found out about the pneumatics difficulties later on. But I will get there (or ask my 8 year old grandson to help me ...). After al it's all about air going in and out so there must be some kind of logic in it .
  7. I know, and as a newby I am absolutely stunned by the ideas, techniques and building capacaties I see on this forum. I have a long way to go I guess
  8. No doubts on the 42043, I just rebuild the crane for the third time and I guess I slowly understand how the wiring should be. The colours on the swiches is clear, problem is/was to put what hose on which swich.
  9. Ludo, no worries, Molykote is also available in the Netherlands: http://Google search for Molykote 111
  10. The prices in Euro in in the Netherlands: Preorder/Voorverkoop Nu !!! Uitlevering week 40 oktober 2019 !! Presale open now. Delivery week 40, october 2019 LEGO® 42100 Technic Liebherr R9800 CONTROL+ Graafmachine € 449,99 Normal price Voorverkoop prijs € 379,00 Presale price meer stuks prijs € 369,00 Presale price, ordered more than 1
  11. Arnoob

    A Dutch "Hallo"

    My name is Arno. I haven't done anything in Lego since my kids growned up, decades ago. Until some time ago my grandchildren were old enough to discover Lego and I had to build and play with Ninja's, Pirates, something we used to call Fabuland in the early times,Lego trains ans so on. Until I saw the ready-build bucketwheel machine in a store in Germany. I was totally flabbergasted, liking big machines and now, two years later this machine has been bought, build and waits for the model B, C etc. builds. Recenty I bought the rough terrain crane and preordered the LIebherr R6000. And looking the MOC's here I have great respect for all your ideas and building and construction capacities: very, very enjoyable!
  12. Hi there, if you go and read the other topic in this subforum, you'll find all sorts of helpful information. You would even have found a link to the EB Glossary, which would help you understand some of the abbreviations here. As you can see, I have re-linked it here. Thanks, I never realised so many avbbrevs are being used in the LEGO domain ... Ir will be quite a job mesmerising them.
  13. Arnoob

    How do you Manage Your LEGO Addiction?

    I just moved to a much smaller appartment. So the lack of space is in control of my LEGO greed
  14. Arnoob

    What is your favorite Lego Theme?

    Technics, by far. The bigger, the better. Longing for the Liebherr ...
  15. Sorry for Jeroen, but Vonado is still here (and so is his crane): LM11200 By the way: I am a very fresh user here and very impressed by this build!
  16. Arnoob

    The Best LEGO Set?

    To be honest: I prefer (but I am no fan of Friends ..)
  17. Arnoob

    Fixing loose clutching bricks

    The bricks my wife used to play with in the early sixties were stored away, so now our grandchildren and their parents play(ed) with them. These bricks tend to connect with the modern blocks very loose. A pity, because many of these bricks etc. are no longer available and can therefore not be replaced.
  18. Your video is not accessible (but maybe I was to fast trying to look?). Anyway, an interesting project, a subject different from what I have seen so far.
  19. I am a complete newby in Lego Technic (haven't been playing with it for decades until my grandson urged me to buy and build the 42055 excavator) but I am absolutely stunned by this build! Not understanding half of what I see here I hope my understanding of your complexit MOC (what is the meaning of all abbrevs on this site ...?) even comes a little bit near yours.
  20. New to Lego Technic, build 42055, building 42082, preordered 42100, curious for the meaning of all abbrevs on this site