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    Old fishing store

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  1. corasaur

    Fantasy Castle

    ooh it's so cute and dense. I love seeing space-efficient MOCs because I don't have a ton of display space relative to the people with, like, basement or garage workshops.
  2. corasaur

    [MOC] CNC Machine (Haas VF2-SS)

    this is hilarious. lovely work throughout the whole series. Maybe I should try to make the OMAX waterjet I used to use. I've been planning to make a machine shop for my City for a while and when I finally get around to it I'll be ripping off many of your tools.
  3. corasaur

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    selifshly hoping for new versions of post office or the cottage. I've got the toy shop reprint and the bakery. If they make a brand new realistic building, a cozy cafe or restaurant seems like a decent bet. Other parts of a secular christmas that they've never done..... a big house with a family gathered around a dining table? or maybe a christmas tree lot? it could have a few trees in a fenced-in outdoor area with a hot cocoa stand out front. If they just want to make the cutest possible building, I'd say find an excuse to have a tall pointy rooftop covered in snow, like a town hall, since they'd never do a chapel. I loved the little skate-rink that came with the bakery so I've always daydreamed about a WV set dedicated to playing outdoors. a winter village hillside or park. Trees, snow, sledding hill.
  4. corasaur

    Horror/Spooky Themes

    the monster fighters zombie set was pretty gothic. Maybe they'd be more reluctant to do a modern Walking Dead take on it.
  5. corasaur

    Barnsdale Lake

    i love it. one of my favorite towns/ landscapses i've seen.
  6. corasaur

    Horror/Spooky Themes

    it would be hidden-side compatible, since we got teen protagonists. A suburban house under siege? Maybe this turns into the first spooky Friends theme.
  7. corasaur

    Horror/Spooky Themes

    cosmic horror could be made lego friendly- tentacle monsters, haunted forests, old ruins, couple book pieces here and there. those aesthetic elements have spread pretty widely and are slowly becoming detached from lovecraft himself being a dirtbag. closest they've come is the portal beast in the dr strange set, i guess? every time i watch castelvania, it makes me want to MOD a throne room into Vampyre Castle.
  8. corasaur

    Terms to use in your MOC's place-names

    i always liked assembly square for this reason. it's a real place name but it also fits a building toy well.
  9. corasaur

    Newbury High School MOD

    Wow. Looks too regal to be a high school any more. feels like a university building.
  10. corasaur

    [MOC] Modular New Orleans Jazz Club

    Oh that's so good. Gonna be spending a lot of time starting at those images for ideas. Been wanting to make a music venue for about a year
  11. corasaur

    Green Goblin Grocer MOC, AKA my Goblin Market

    That's amazing. Makes me look at my own sets more carefully.
  12. corasaur

    Who Remembers Pharaoh's Quest?

    Scorpion pyramid was one of m first sets as an adult. I was nostalgic enough for my childhood Johnny thunder sets that i had to get it.
  13. corasaur

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Oh yeah, all the town squares near my home are messy intersections with buildings of wildly varying shapes. I've spent a ton of time sketching out ideas for rounded or wedge-shaped modulars and would buy official baseplates to help with it
  14. corasaur

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    Definitely in for the portal. spooky scenery plus good ghosts. I'm a sucker for lighthouses. I'll probably get it, then combine it with one or more other lighthouses and see what I can come up with from the pieces. I'll probably get the subway, but mostly as a starting point for a modification. Need to think about what I'd do differently without making the MOC a billion pieces. Haunted fairground I'm not sure about. I do want the clowns.... I'd be more excited if I had fairground sets to combine it with, but I don't even have, like, the pirate coaster or other basic creator sets. Doubt I'll get the buggy or biplane. Already got so many vehicles tucked away. Maybe the ghost figs will get me if i see a good sale.
  15. corasaur

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    Recently built the graveyard set. enjoyed it way more than i expected to. I'm in danger of getting all of them at this rate.