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  1. corasaur

    Hi. bad photo warning.

    I've been looking at the guilds of historica threads for a while but all that information has been pretty intimidating and I haven't tried to participate yet. I do have some ideas for standalone castle-related mocs though.
  2. corasaur

    [MOC] Bubble Building

    Love the idea of throwing a mural on an exposed wall. I wanna make one too, so I can hang it on any exposed modular-sides in my street
  3. corasaur


    Oh cool someone finally finished the bills with real bricks. It looks great. Looks like it would flow naturally with most of the official modulars too.
  4. corasaur

    [MOC] Modular Modern District

    here's the only close image i seem to have taken on my phone. although it isn't a perfect stylistic match, it left me wanting to make a modern modular covered in plants: i feel like there were other drawings in the exhibit of different buildings, but this is the only photo of a building sketch i can find. this was the exhibit: of course, if i build any of it, i'm gonna have to shave a couple stories off, and would probably throw some vines in there.
  5. corasaur

    [MOC] Modular Modern District

    The right-hand building reminds me of some sketches I saw in a museum exhibit a while ago. I can't remember the architect's name. I'll have to look through my photo collection later. I've been wanting to try to render such a building in bricks ever since. I love how this one turned out.
  6. corasaur

    Photo Contest: Scenes for the Corner Garage

    @Four Bricks Tall I dunno, some of the Double-Corner-Garage enlarged-building MOCs have looked amazing. I think I'd still want to win one even if I owned it already.
  7. corasaur

    Photo Contest: Scenes for the Corner Garage

    I don't own the set to compete, but i'm gonna have to dig through the website for photography tips. i feel like every photo of my hoarde I've taken so far has been, "everyone look at what a mess my house is!" good luck to the builders that compete. EDIT: Oh. the contest is more flexible than I expected. I'm sure I can come up with something thematic with what I own. I think I was taking "Scenes" literally and expected to be asked to photograph with the garage. Suppose that wouldn't have made a ton of sense given that the garage is the prize.
  8. corasaur

    Subsea Blowout

    That's some heavy subject matter for a lego sculpture. reminds me that this is a flexible medium and not just an outlet to make tiny adorable buildings. if you own a courthouse or prison-like building, i hope the minifigures responsible are held accountable over there.
  9. my god. pokemon were some of the first things i ever tried to MOC when i was like 8, but they were hideous lumps. these turned out great. even minimalist-faceless-nightmare-pika is great.
  10. corasaur

    MOC: Command & Conquer: GENERALS

    Oh man.generals was my first command and conquer as a teenager.wonder if I can find the install cd....
  11. corasaur

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    More like we need a modular apartment building. My lego street shall remain a dense beautiful pedestrian-centered downtown. Cars waste too much space in real cities already.* My lego town will be pure. *American urban planning is a sprawling disaster.
  12. corasaur

    MOC Medieval Windmill

    oh my goodness. i was so distracted by the wall textures and the smokey-snake that I didn't even pay attention to the blades til i scrolled down and read this comment.
  13. corasaur

    LEGO Minions 2020

    Look LEGO I know i said I liked spooky things but some things are just too horrifying to be sold to children. this is irresponsible.
  14. corasaur

    Svalg Keep: Mitgardia (Free-Build)

    This makes me want to redecorate every building I own into a snow version.
  15. corasaur

    Lego Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    They're still trying to push OWLeague and have been advertising other overwatch toys. I think they push the brand for at least one more year, though it may not involve lego.