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  1. corasaur

    [MOC] "The Lord of the Rings" Skylines

    oh wow. I love them all. they are so, so good. i need to see if i have the pieces to reverse-engineer any of these. I want them up on my wall with the real cities' skylines. RE: the matter of Fellowship's skyline flowing most smoothly: that book has the whole party together going straight through in one journey. it's much harder to smoothly squeeze all the major scenes in when the group is splintered into 2 or 3 pieces. Fellowship lended itself most naturally to this format, I think. Two towers and RotK also have major stretches of movie that are in open fields. it's hard to make the plains of Rohan an interesting part of a skyline, and they're what would be needed to smoothly transition around Two towers. Return of the king could only be smooth if it were super-huge: pellenor fields could be an interesting build with oliphants and corsair ships, and you could smoothly transition into Moria with empty space before the black gate, or minas morgul and more mountains, and then have a barren blasted Moria plain flanking Barad-dur, buuuuuuut that would be like a triple-length skyline. This feels like the best collection of buildings that could fit in a reasonable footprint.
  2. corasaur

    [PRESS RELEASE] 10267 - Gingerbread House

    Wow i wasnt thrilled when the concept leaked, but that turned out beautifully.
  3. corasaur

    [MOC] Winter Chalet.. Help me!

    I clicked the link and discovered I was already supporting the project. Welp. Guess I spend even more time online than I thought. The building is cozy and adorable, good luck.
  4. corasaur

    [MOC] West End Theatre

    Ohhh that's awesome. I've wondered many times about pulling off a classy theatre in modular form, and you nailed it. Gonna try to get the pieces together and build it IRL?
  5. corasaur

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'd prefer another village building to a gingerbread house. If it's a gingerbread house I would probably also incorporate it into the WV market. Otherwise, maybe I would place it near Santa's workshop, declare the gingerbread man one of Santa's employees, and make a North pole scene instead of keeping the workshop near the village. No more ambiguous Santa, he'd be confirmed the real deal
  6. corasaur

    Why is LEGO so obsessed with Batman?

    DC Comics has an enormous number of batman-related comics running at any given time, his movies have been DC's most reliable box office successes, and the arkham games were the first good major superhero game in ages. there really is just that much of a market for batman crap. Fatigue doesn't just mean "flooding the market," it means "people getting so sick of the stuff that sales drop." Guess the merchandise is still making money.
  7. I'm not miffed about dolls mostly because I doubt they came at the expense of many sets/themes that would have been more to my liking. I can't prove it, but I don't think friends stopped us from getting more diverse City sets, and I don't think Elves stopped any waves of fantasy castle from happening. Friends clearly succeeded. More kids liking lego is a good thing. I didn't have the space and budget for any elves sets, but if I had, I would have been fine having one elf-clan in the fantasy world that looks taller, slender, and alien to all the other beings. maybe I'd have made the minidoll elves the ancient high elves and the minifig elves half-elves
  8. corasaur

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Yeah I don't own a police station either. Almost grabbed prison island and was kinda tempted by the forest and mountain police stations. Since I'm not expecting to ever see a modular police station i'll probably just pick up a city police station one day.
  9. corasaur

    [Modular] MOC: Doughnut Shop

    yeah if you'd only posted the external shots I don't think I'd have picked up on the renders. The bloom suddenly felt like it was some kinda video game from ~2006, though, back when every developer discovered bloom and went mad with power.
  10. corasaur

    [Modular] MOC: Doughnut Shop

    It's just about the coziest MOC i've ever seen. I love that it feels so complete just through good use of shape and color, without needing super complicated detailing work. Storefronts, donut sign, apartments, it's all great. The feeling of an older building trapped under new construction jumped out at me immediately, and as tragic as that storyline might seem, the whole thing is so cute that it doesn't feel depressing. Also the custom stickers are awesome. I also didn't realize the images were renders until i got to the internal shots with heaps of bloom lighting. Computer graphics are scary sometimes.
  11. corasaur

    Ideas for new City sets

    Weather unit? makes me wanna try to make a brickbuilt tornado. they'd need something to report on. maybe my old millenium falcon's grey plates should be re-inarnated as a tornado MOC...
  12. corasaur

    Ideas for new City sets

    News feels like a theme that could have its own mini line. Four or so sets of different local reporting scenes and the big station.
  13. Ohh it's like a window into my own future when I have the space to build a lego work station. So cool.
  14. corasaur

    Treehouse - LEGO Ideas

    Yep I'm in. This neighborhood gonna get weird.
  15. corasaur

    Treehouse - LEGO Ideas

    It is odd for me to see this set mentioned in the town section, because if it's minifig scale I'm putting galadriel in the middle of the thing, adding some stonework, and calling it Lorien. Well.... Or my modular street gains a weird new neighbor. Rent got too high. The youth are living in trees now.