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    LEGO Star Wars anakins star fighter

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  1. Jviper79

    need help for car crusher

    im actually trying to build it in minifig scale and i dont have any motors
  2. Jviper79

    need help for car crusher

    hi i need help trying to decide how i should do a crusher for a scrapyard like i dont know if i should do a pancake type crusher or a baler
  3. Jviper79

    give me ideas

    thanks for the ideas im actually trying to do stuff with a decent sized tub of lego and im actually thinking about doing a skyscraper construction site
  4. Jviper79

    give me ideas

    Sorry I just want ideas to build not how to build them
  5. Jviper79

    give me ideas

    hi new member here i was wondering if you could give me ideass for construction equipment and buildings in lego city scale