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  1. From looking at how well both fit - BTW the normal 12z bevel gear also fits in there making the whole thing 1 stud thick - I'd say this was not done by chance. I.e. there is this recess around the whole of the 28z idler gear and the 12z bevel gears both have a protrusion on the non-bevelled side that fits in there pretty well.
  2. Some might still remember this offroader I started sometime ago in 2019 and showed earlier versions in the 8081 mods thread a while ago. Well, I finally "finished" it now and created digital models for it. I call it the COMMANDO and it is "sold" by MM (Mars Motors). People that follow my Turbo Racers series and my series of 42093 scale cars with swappable engines should already know MM. To show its capabilities I made a trip to a special location and examined what it can do there. Have a look into the video to see what it possible: The configuration in this video has all axles locked and uses the drivetrain variation #2 (see below). The COMMANDO started as the glorious 8081 A model and went through lots of modifications - especially to the front and rear axles and also to the outer hull - on the way to the final result. I created three versions so far: with 1 x PF AA battery box with 2 x PF AAA battery boxes with BuWizz 2.0 ...from which the BuWizz one was used during the video and also most of the time I drove it so far. Here are a few more detailed pictures showing it in that terrain: Here are two pictures showing the chassis construction (click to magnify): ...and here are the three drivetrain variations that can be used (click to magnify) More variations are possible and the gearing can be changed with relative ease, as the motors are not an integral part of the construction: #1 is used for the PF versions and #2 is used for the BuWizz version. #3 can be used to examine the effects of open differentials in offroad situations. The COMMANDO can use various tyres and clearance should be good enough for all of them: 45982 81.6 x 38 R Balloon tyres 18450 81.6 x 44 R (Tumbler) tyres 69912 81 x 35 Tractor (Zetros) tyres I have also already designed a few addons that will be released at a later time - need to create the digital models first - and I have even more ideas for it. So far I have available: front winch rear PTO exploration gear tracks So stay tuned for additions. I hope you like the COMMANDO and I hope it is a worthy successor to the 8081 A model. If you're interested, the - free of charge - digital models (Studio files with detailed steps and submodels) and more pictures are available on Rebrickable:
  3. Yeah, sure, but is hasn't seen any new mods since early 2020. It seems like it's actually too strong for my rear axle. For "bracing" I started with a half bush, but then went for the 20z bevel idler gear. It fits well inside the 28z idler gear making the whole thing 1.5 studs "thick". I then used a 20z bevel gear mirrored and the 28z double bevel gear. Inside a 7 x 5 frame I assume this would work pretty well - even better with a fourth gear as @2GodBDGlory mentioned - but my rear axle is not strong enough to keep all gears in place when trying to climb a wall with one front wheel or going over obstacles with both rear wheels at the same time. Interestingly it works when moving over the obstacle backwards. Plus my gears are pretty damaged already which doesn't make things better. I now went on to the fast variant #3. UPDATE: Ah, sorry, I didn't notice that you were actually asking @2GodBDGlory. But maybe it's still helpful.
  4. @2GodBDGlory: Ok, I tested it on some hard obstacles with 12z against 28z in the axles and it might be already too much for the rear axle. But it also showed me a weak point there, which I'll look into and see if fixing that makes a difference. I'll also again look into the third variation of the drivetrain, as I just had an idea for a police brawler - because it seems to share the scale with my Turbo Racers.
  5. That could indeed work at the rear axle, though to make it not protrude any further at the back I could only use a friction-less 2L pin with axle for that 4th gear and that's not ideal. Don't know how it would look with the original hood, but it should be possible to install it by loosing the center pillar of the front window(s). And it is definitely better than the ones I showed in 2019 and I found a way to prevent the tracks to turn over easily which was a big issue with the old version. Now I still need lots of rubber inserts as I just had enough for two tracks. Hey @Thirdwigg, maybe it's about time to revive that 8081 mods thread with some new additions? @rm8, are you listening, too?
  6. @lmdesigner42: Just had an idea: It could be interesting to see, if 12z double bevel against 28z double bevel with 28z doubel bevel from new diff as "counter"? gear for support could work reliably. This would eliminate "weak" gears on the axles. I'll check that out. And I have to correct myself, upon closer inspection of the 20z half bevel gears I see some damaged teeth, too. Though I can't say if the damage is from the drives in the video or from before because I have this setup installed since over a year and a half maybe.
  7. Thanks! I have tried the new diffs in there, but it didn't work out well. I'm unsure if this was due to the diffs (the red gear isn't really fixed well to the diff housing) or because I am not using a 7 x 5 closed frame around it. Whenever I faced a considerable load there, the black 12z double bevel gear pushed the 28z double bevel gear from the diff housing. "Lost" two new diffs that way, or let's say two of the red gears got a new tooth design. This Something similar also happens with the current locked axles if a wheel gets blocked - gears jump teeth, heard the occassional clicking in the video sequences? - but so far I haven't seen the damage I saw on the red gears. I would like to checkout the planetary hubs, but they won't fit on the front axle I believe. And they also cannot be driven by an axle, right? Could an older CV joint work? Well, I don't have the planetary hubs either, so it's theoretical thinking anyhow. Apropos 8081: I still need to create comparison photographs with the 8081 A model, hopefully I have all needed parts available.
  8. Some of the future additions have now been already photographed, though still with non-final coloring: functional tracks shortnose variant featuring a high-power LED band instead of normal headlights (coloring not final) I also created pictures showing the approximate approach, breakover and departure angles of both body variants: ...and I have a new favorite body variant now.
  9. Nice work! And cool way to implement the blade functionality. For the cabin I think axle connectors and maybe rigid hoses for the curvature at the front is the way to go.
  10. Looks pretty good! And features are impressive so far.
  11. Maybe the links have too much play. What about "fixing" them on the axles (e.g. with axle through pin hole) and only use towball connections on the other ends (e.g. with the new flip-flop-beams)? For the springs I could think of something like that: ...but maybe this is to wobbly.
  12. You have that many pins? Just checked Rebrickable, I have just under 9000 and wonder if that could be enough to fill it up. I never saw them on one pile though.
  13. Can't you make something out of the chassis of the original? From watching the video (from here): ...I'd say you could achieve that by "connecting" front and rear axle with two extra-long axles or a concatenation of long axles.
  14. Wonder how many pieces of "LEGO-Kies" (maybe from 42121) or better how much weight you can put into the bucket. You will test that, right?
  15. Quite fast actually! Are all wheels driven? And what motor output and gearing did you use?
  16. Impressive and quite packed, like the original!
  17. Nice shaping and I finally know for what these tapered panels were made for. How many LAs will you use? BTW, it looks like one doesn't get a notification for edits and this also doesn't put the thread on top of the thread list. So your riddle from yesterday didn't reach me in time. And I only know "Pampersbomber(s)".
  18. Using three gears instead might indeed be the better solution, but maybe they would rub on the tracks.
  19. Very interesting, already for its parts usage. I didn't even know these parts (TECHNIC bricks at the top of the boom and the boom itself) existed. Thanks for sharing!
  20. Maybe you can put some weight bricks in the base and/or the superstructure in addition to outriggers. Not sure though if this will make a big difference.
  21. I like the blue-yellow one and the Friderici one most actually.
  22. Didn't notice this until now. Very cool evolution of your earlier car model. I especially like(d) the front axle construction. For the steering knob, my proposal would have been what 8436 used, but you came to a similar and even better integrated solution on your own. I needed a while to figure out, how the towball "secures" the side wheel arches in place, because I thought its pin side would stick in the wheel arches but it does not - cool solution!
  23. Good to know, thanks for clarification.
  24. Ok, but you can use it with more than three steps (i.e. -90°, 0° and 90°), right? That's what I actually meant to ask. Just from using it in there? How long did they last then? And what behaviour do they show now?