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  1. I'd like to show a MOC I'm working on since yesterday. I wanted to create a big buggy - well it became sort of fast pickup, but driving characteristics are buggy-like I'd say - since quite some time, but always found some other themes to look into (smaller scale RC cars, manual models and recently motorbikes). But yesterday it finally break through. I had and still have lots of fun with Antoine DDP's Night Racer - that thing is just insane and seems to be made for skate parks. This mainly comes from the two RC Buggy motors that drive one rear wheel each. So I wanted to have a similar configuration for my model, too. So two RC Buggy motors for a start. The Night Racer uses one BuWizz but it's very hard to use it on fast mode. So two BuWizz (2.0 in my case) for power and control in my model. During construction the wheels got bigger and bigger and I'm now using Claas tyres on matte-black three-hole rims. I started with the fast output of the RC buggy motors (actually the Mouldking replicas in this model) but it seems like this is too much - either for the motors or the power supply - because the model needs some break once in a while until it can go fast again. So I changed to the slower output and it seems to work better now. Here are pictures of what I have now: RWD with one motor for each rear wheel, independent suspension, positive caster on the front axle which also uses the old wheel hubs. The rear axle might be moved 1 stud towards the rear, as for the original RC Buggy motors one needs a little room where the power cable is attached. The replicas don't need that much space so I didn't take care. I hope it will still look "right" with the longer wheelbase. I'm still unsure if I should create an interior or not to save weight. I could use some ideas about how to make the rear axle wishbones less flimsy, maybe connecting front and rear part with another liftarm could help? Sorry, no video yet, as it's wet/snowy outside ATM. I hope I can make some outside runs later the week. So what do you think for a start? @Jim: When creating this topic, the preview didn't work for me. This seems to be new, as recently it did work for me in another topic.
  2. @JRS86: During watching a video about a Mega Construx MOTU set, I think I saw two of these cool pieces we discussed about some time ago (the headlight piece from your other bike), but in brown (video should start at the correct point in time). Like with yours, there is a hole in the part, because the claws of the Talon Fighter attach there with some sort of bar or so. I don't see if there's a stud on top though. So I think this piece could actually come from Mega Construx. Not sure if they have any part database for verification.
  3. Saw that already, thanks a lot! Looking forward to those.
  4. Nice and really fast! I plan for something like that since a while, too, but want to use four of the "newer" hulls from the Katamaran. What parts did you use, I don't recognize the hulls on your boat?
  5. Over the past few days I worked on another bike meant to chase the one I'm participating with in TC19. @Thirdwigg: It became something different then I originally had in mind, so your swingarm design wasn't used yet - I simply didn't find a way to include it. But I expect more bikes to come in the future and your design just cries for futuristic bikes! The VICE Maverick is fully suspended and uses a dual chain drive instead of shaft drive like the other one - one chain just can't handle the power . It is nearly as wide as the Renegade but I think it's ok for the scale and it's also very stretched. It's not yet finished in all aspects (frame coloring, exhausts, lights, etc.) but I wanted to share what I have right now: More pictures on Bricksafe. It has a few quirks though: As you might have noticed it has zero to negative caster angle which is not ideal but I wanted to keep the front fork design as is and the suspension works really great with that quirk. Unfortunately the drive train works much less smooth than the one used in the Renegade. Exchanging the newer bevel gears against older LBG ones helped a little, but it's still not ideal. Maybe having less tension on the chains could help, I don't know, but it looks better with tension. Maybe just too much gears and up-gearing: rear wheel - 24z => 16z, 40z => 24z => 8z => 8z => 8z, 20z => 12z => 12z - turbo shaft. The latter is still missing, as I don't have a long or short enough axle to use. So I might need to change the length of the turbine or the place of the direction conversion.
  6. Ok, brought this bike forward a little more and now it has: standard breaks at the front and induction breaks at the rear exhaust "cannons" gauges and electronics (incl. radio) headlights and police lights (though I want to change them to trans dark blue but only have one ATM) and revised rear lights tubing around the turboshaft engine with external torque transformer; as this one's a "standard" turboshaft engine the tubing is symmetric compared to the engine used in the Renegade. Being an interceptor this one has two large water/methanol boosters, one on each side. continuing with the fiction it has computer controlled active suspension, e.g. for supporting jumps or lowering the bike when driving at high speeds and also power steering. Coloring is still not final everywhere, but more like I wanted it to be compared to the last photographs. All pictures on Bricksafe.
  7. Beautiful! Will there also be Deutz's and Fendt's?
  8. Wow, that's a lot of liftarms and pins used, very impressive - did you already have the parts or did you order them? And it looks pretty good and makes a nice display for any sorts of verhicles. And it only slightly sags. Is there a chance to pretension it in some way as to avoid that sagging?
  9. I know that you can do that in the PoweredUp app since a while, but IIRC this still requires some sort of (graphical) programming for example to "initialize" the steering and hence the original argument still holds true. For the BuWizz app, I create a profile with controls and just select the respective outputs for each control and I'm ready to go. Why TLG is not able or not willing to do that with the app that is meant to be used with the RC models is not comprehensible IMHO.
  10. I totally agree to that and I believe this is also true for other LEGO themes nowadays - which is really sad. Maybe I already resigned and unconsciously accepted that fact and now see most sets just as part packs only. But you are right to emphasize that change of purpose. It reminds me a little of the history of Apple. Indeed, Control+ really limits the possibilities. I see no reason, why TLG couldn't create a profile that allows to create controls for the configured hubs and motors like for example the BuWizz app can do. Well, you could try to replace the two BuWizzes with two RC battery/receiver units, but yeah, you can't do that with what is available now from TLG. That was your point, or?
  11. Wow, great video, adding the subparts of your bike when it is moving on the turntable looks just magical! How did you do that? Is that sequence made out of separately taken pictures?
  12. Yeah, "Has a working voltage of 3.3 to 6 V" - what a pity. This is more oriented to something like Arduino or MicroBit, even the bigger one which would fit to the TECHNIC theme better.
  13. I thought you were referring to non-LEGO RC cars with your price estimate, and compared to such cars, LEGO cars are quite customizable - or maybe that's the wrong word for it, maybe "reconfigurable" would be better?
  14. I see, with half stud offset, of course than its possible.Thanks for the link, the stats look promising - I imagine many small cars with multiple of these driving one axle or more. I'd love to have a servo motor in that size and form factor.
  15. @desert752: Great idea and great video! Any plans for a run on a frozen water surface? Our snow here in Germany is sadly practically gone, but I had some fun with my - now again motorized - truck. Unfortunately I didn't create a video with it working through the snow. @brunojj1: The costs will go down - or already went down - if you consider alternative motors (e.g. from BuWizz, which cost less than half of what you estimate for a - most likely used - RC buggy motor from LEGO) and reduced set price. But yeah, that's still not cheap, but if you already have the parts, it's a nice diversion. And the level of customization that's possible with it is outstanding.
  16. Indeed, very interesting! But there are no pin holes in the direction of the drive axis, right? That is useful even on the PF M motor because you can just put it on an axle and "secure" it with at least one pin in the same direction, But the motor shown should be more easily integrable in vehicles. Do you plan to sell these in the future?
  17. Really nice contest and many thanks to the organizers! Without it I might have never started my first turbo bike.
  18. 5: 10 16: 6 1: 4 6: 3 26: 2 27: 1 As many here I also think that six candidates in total are too less - especially with so many entries. It made it really hard to decide.
  19. Looks a little like an RX-8 from the side (even more the first version). Good work with the C pillar!
  20. Looks nice and muscular! Did you ever thought about making it a fastback, because this would look really great as fastback IMO (e.g. like Audi A7). I mean even if you would only elongate the roof lines into the rear with a very short rear end it would already look great. Curious for the next steps.
  21. Not at all! I'm glad you came back to the original look which looks great and which I like most. Your machine totally reminds me of a bike from GTA San Andreas - I think it greatly resembles either the BF-400 or the FCR-900. EDIT: Forgot about that: At first I wondered about that knob drive for your engine, but later understood why it's a really good idea: Because in reality it's also the engine that drives the wheels and not the wheels that drive the engine. And IIUC it still also works the other way round like in all existing LEGO TECHNIC motorbikes so a feature missing on a lot of motorbikes (LEGO sets, MOCs, mods, etc.).
  22. Wow! This one looks extremely good! Glad you made it in time.